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What is Mobile Marketing and how to use it in your strategy?

Mobile Marketing is a strategy that seeks to interact, relate and influence a certain audience through the functionalities of mobile devices, such as cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Cell phones are almost an extension of our own body. Therefore, investing in marketing strategies that target mobile are essential for any business.

This is because the number of smartphone users grows every day and, more and more, people use their mobile devices as their main source of Internet access.

Something that has intensified even more with the pandemic, since in Latin America there was a 25% increase in mobile data traffic . It is even expected that in 2022 there will be 15 million mobile connections and in 2025 this number will exceed 400 million subscribers.

Faced with these impressive numbers, we have no doubts: Investing in mobile marketing is essential for the success of any company today.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a strategy that seeks to interact, relate and influence a certain audience through the functionalities of mobile devices, such as cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Investing in Mobile Marketing can be a good alternative for any company that wants to stand out in the market, since it can offer several advantages.

What are the advantages of investing in Mobile Marketing?

The number of smartphone users grows every year and many people even have more than one device for personal use.

And if this is not enough to convince you of the importance of Mobile Marketing, we made a list with the main advantages of investing in this strategy.

The number of purchases via mobile is growing

The increase in the number of mobile devices on the market directly influences the number of purchases made through these devices.

The increase in purchases through smartphones is not something recent, since 2017 a constant growth was already indicated. In the last quarter of that year, smartphone purchases grew 51% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The expectation for the next few years is that this value will continue to increase, considering that more and more people use mobile devices in their day-to-day lives.

People are making purchases through mobile devices, so by not investing in mobile marketing, your company will lose the opportunity to reach your audience and sell more.

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Mobile Marketing allows to segment the ads according to the user’s location

One of the most common problems in a Digital Marketing strategy is segmentation by region.

This is very important for local businesses such as bars and restaurants, where the ideal is to attract users who are close to the commercial establishment.

Thus, a large part of the mobile devices available on the market have GPS location, a feature that can be used in the creation of mobile marketing campaigns.

This functionality will allow your company to show ads only to users who are in a specific city or neighborhood, close to your business.

With that, you will only attract the public that has the potential to become a customer, saving on the development of your promotional campaigns and increasing the conversion rate.

Users are using more and more applications

With the increase in the number of smartphones around the world, the use of applications in the routine of its users also grew. The good news is that many of these applications can be excellent business opportunities for your company.

Apps like Facebook , Snapchat, and Instagram became the favorites of the public and they use them daily to communicate or stay informed.

Therefore, you can also use them for your company to build a close relationship with your customers and, with that, increase the visibility of your brand.

Applications like Foursquare allow bars and restaurants to be easily found by users using their location. In this way, it makes it possible to reach customers who would otherwise have no contact.

You can even use mobile games in your marketing strategy, such as Pokemon GO , helping your company to reach a greater number of people and, with that, increase your sales.

These applications should be used as a way for your company to stay present in the day-to-day lives of your customers, leaving them one click away from them to get in touch with your brand.

Mobile devices allow faster communication with the public

Communication with your audience can be even faster if your company invests in a Mobile Marketing strategy.

Remember that people are by their mobile devices most of the day, checking for updates and notifications several times a day.

This feature can further increase the efficiency of your messages , facilitating interaction with your customers and, with that, achieving results.

Through a simple SMS you can inform your customers of your exclusive promotions and discounts almost in real time, being more economical and efficient than sending correspondence, for example.

What Mobile Marketing actions can we carry out?

There are several actions that your company can take in the construction of your Mobile Marketing strategy. Among the most popular actions we can highlight:

SMS Marketing

This is one of the first mobile marketing strategies that companies adopt and it is still one of the most important.

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It consists of sending text messages to people previously registered in the contact list. It is very useful for maintaining a good relationship with customers, either to remind them of payment dates, the status of their orders, sending promotions, information about the latest launches or even to make collections.

The main advantage of SMS Marketing is its high message opening rate, which reaches about 98%.

It is an impressive number, especially if we compare it with the open rate of email marketing campaigns , which is close to 20%.

Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth Marketing, also known as Proximity Marketing, is a marketing strategy that uses the Bluetooth functionality of mobile devices to share multimedia files with the public, and inform them about your products and services.

These files can be a list of a company’s products, the shopping catalog, or even video files promoting the store.

It is a strategy widely used by local businesses, considering that the range of the bluetooth signal is relatively small.

And the great advantage of Bluetooth Marketing is that it is a totally free marketing strategy , which does not require any maintenance costs to distribute files to your clients.

However, it should be remembered that most users leave their cell phone’s Bluetooth turned off, mainly to save the battery.

Therefore, although it is an excellent strategy to communicate with people close to your company, it has a very limited scope.

Responsive page creation

Ensuring that the user of smartphones and tablets can correctly view your company page is essential for your strategy, not only for mobile marketing, but also for digital marketing in general.

This is because in addition to facilitating user navigation, it is a criterion used by Google to guarantee a better positioning of your website in searches .

Therefore, it is essential that you develop a responsive website for your company and in this way, it can be easily accessed from any device, be it cell phones, tablets or desktop computers.

QR Code Marketing

QR Code is a technology that can generate excellent results for your mobile marketing strategy.

It is a 2D barcode, where the smartphone user uses the camera to read the code and thus be redirected to another page.

With it, you will be able to extend the reach of your traditional marketing strategy , directing your company’s customers to any address on the Internet quickly and safely.

By introducing a QR Code in a brochure of your company, for example, you can send users directly to your business website, so they can have more information about what you are promoting.

Also, when you use a QR code on the packaging of your products, you can direct your customers to a video tutorial on how to use it correctly, facilitating your communication with them and bringing them closer to your brand.


Your company can take advantage of the QR Code in various ways in its mobile marketing campaigns, you just have to use your creativity.

What are the best practices for investing in Mobile Marketing?

Whatever marketing strategy your company adopts, it is essential to follow some of the best practices in the market to ensure that your actions achieve the expected results.

These best practices should not be seen as rules, but the ideal is that you take them into account to avoid problems and, with that, have better results.

Don’t be intrusive

Respecting your audience when interacting with them is essential for the success of your mobile marketing strategy.

In addition to communicating with the public clearly and easily, it is essential that you give your contacts options so that they no longer receive your messages, if they wish.

And just like in email marketing campaigns, only send SMS to duly registered users who have allowed you to send them messages.

If you do not take this care, the chances are great that your client will have a negative perception of your brand, jeopardizing all the promotional effort you have invested.

Deliver a valuable experience

You must provide your customers with a valuable experience in each of your interactions.

Therefore, by including a QR Code in the creation of your graphic pieces, rest assured that your client will receive something of value when reading the code.

In addition, by sending an SMS, you guarantee that your consumer will have relevant information in your content.

By giving your customers something of value in your interactions through mobile devices, you will develop a better image of your brand and, with that, they will feel more willing to do business with you in the future.

Focus on the benefits you can deliver

In your interactions, it is necessary that you focus all your attention on the benefits that you can deliver to each of them.

Remember that your client will access your promotional campaigns only if they receive a benefit in return.

By doing this, you can increase the open rate of your messages and guarantee a higher return on investment.

Be honest with your clients

For your mobile marketing strategy to give the expected results, it is essential that you do not generate expectations in your customers that your company cannot meet.

It is necessary that all your interactions are clear, objectively explaining the benefits that your customers will have and the responsibilities that they must bear to take better advantage of your solutions.

Remember that you must present your company with credibility, ensuring that users feel safe when purchasing your products or services.

Take advantage of social networks

Mobile devices, in general, have excellent interaction with social networks.

And to increase the efficiency of your promotional campaigns, the ideal is that you take advantage of this feature and encourage your audience to share your content on their own profiles.

Therefore, you must guarantee the presence of your company in some of these networks.

With a good integration of your campaigns on social networks, you will be able to reach an even larger audience and, in this way, achieve more results for your organization.

As you can see, creating a mobile marketing strategy is not an easy task, but the benefits it can generate for your business are too great to be ignored.

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