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Cybersecurity and telework tips for your company

In a context in which technology offers us new paradigms within the work environment, it is essential to adapt cybersecurity measures capable of adapting to each technological advance that we incorporate in our company.

Within the framework of trends within the field of companies, we find teleworking. A social benefit that seeks to offer greater work-life balance to workers and that decontextualizes and makes the professional scene more flexible.

In this sense, we ask ourselves: how do we stimulate telework without putting our company’s information at risk?

The most important thing is the cybersecurity education of the employees. Transmit a protocol that establishes how to act, what measures to take into account and what to do in case of cyber risk. Today we give you some tips:

  1. Using remote desktops and a connection through a VPN network

This measure allows the worker to access their equipment from home and also make use of a secure network, where the generated traffic maintains the confidentiality of the information. The worker can connect directly to the company’s server, in a secure way, where the information is stored – of which backup copies are made automatically – also avoiding possible loss of information.

  1. Strong password awareness

One of the most important points of cybersecurity is the use of strong passwords. Definitely a basic measure.

If you want to know more about strong passwords, you can check our post that you will find here .

  1. Be cautious when navigating

Another important point that workers must take into account is the type of navigation they do on the network, especially suspicious links or fraudulent pages, which pose as official websites.

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There are various tools that are designed to protect user information, as well as have good antivirus software and prevent phishing and malware attacks.

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