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7 basic computer security tips that you should know to protect your company in teleworking

Due to the health alert in which we are immersed, we have seen how the way of working has been totally altered, giving rise to the telework scenario.

Although teleworking is a form of work with a lot of potential, many companies did not have adequate security and work measures, leading to half-baked and improvised solutions, security gaps and the use of inefficient tools for remote work. .

The same has been seen as an opportunity for cybercriminals, who have seen the occasion to carry out computer attacks with the intention of stealing information from our company.

Cyber ​​attacks have multiplied, taking advantage of the covid-19 crisis

There are already numerous news about the attempts of cybercriminals, trying to enter the systems of hospitals, banks and numerous companies. In some of these attacks, these malicious software have even managed to fully encrypt the backup and backup systems, making it essential that these systems also have a fully isolated backup. The dangerous thing in this circumstance is that there are people doing telework  without adopting the appropriate security measures  , and being connected with VPN with your company they can infect it.

The most common attack is phishing , a form of fraud in which the  attacker tries to obtain particular information by posing as a trusted entity or person through email or other channels. For example, an alleged e.mail from Hajando that notifies of a financial refund or a statement from our bank informing about a change in the policy of our account.

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Points to take into account to ensure total protection in the context of teleworking:

We want to share with you 7 important and essential points that will guarantee maximum computer security for your company, whenever and wherever.

1. Have the right tools:

First of all, is to have a good email system with a powerful anti SPAM filter such as  Office 365 , which acts as the first barrier against the attempted attack. It is a fundamental tool so that you can  work from home and simplify your activities, since it has ideal functionalities for remote work.

2. Updated software and antivirus:

The second thing is to have good protection on your employees’ computers, having a computer with updated software and an updated COMPLETE protection antivirus is essential to be able to stop any threat that tries to compromise your company’s data. Contact us and we will advise you on how to improve the security of your employees’ computers, so that they are fully prepared for any situation that requires teleworking.

3. Secure remote connections to the office (VPN):

If we have to telecommute, the safest way to do it is by establishing secure connections to the office through a VPN. With this system, we are able to remotely connect to the office through an encrypted connection, which will allow us to work as if we were in the office from anywhere with an internet connection and without endangering our company’s information.

4. Cloud backups:

5. Awareness of strong passwords:

One of the most important points of cybersecurity is the use of strong passwords. Without a doubt a basic measure. If you want to know more about strong passwords, you can check our post that you will find  here .

6. Be cautious when navigating:

Another important point that workers must take into account is the type of navigation they do on the network, especially suspicious links or fraudulent pages, which pose as official websites. The following steps must always be followed:

    • When you receive emails where the subject or content is out of context or has nothing to do with what you normally receive
    • When you receive an email indicating that it contains important health information about the coronavirus and has an attachment or an unidentified link (never open and execute them)
    • When the body of the email does not contain a signature of the sender and the message is a short phrase without coherence, with errors or in a foreign language
    • Take into account that normally the infected files are of the executable type, word or pdf, or an Internet web page is included

7. When in doubt, always consult an expert

We recommend that you always have an expert company in computer assistance to take care of setting everything up, guaranteeing both maximum security and efficiency when working from anywhere.

We know that we are experiencing difficult times, therefore, we have prepared telework set-up packs for companies with special prices. Write to us and we will prepare a personalized proposal for your company and situation.

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