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Computer stress What is it?

Computer stress is defined as the feeling of anguish that is generated in a user of computer software and equipment when he does not react adequately to our demands continuously over time. For example, mouse pointers that get lost from the screen, programs that take forever to open, continuous crashes of operating systems … There are many situations in which we can be overwhelmed by a computer problem.

Computer stress

Depending on when it happens to us, we can react more calmly but it is true that in stressful situations we can get a real hot flash.

In this way we could be defining situations of computer stress to unsuspected limits and although it is true that tobacco and its absence make addicts to this drug very angry, computer problems and lack of response from systems despair the dead and generate a drop in productivity very important . For all this, companies must take into account the following aspects to avoid computer stress:

  • Maintain operating systems in accordance with the needs of the company
  • Outdated software causes compatibility and interoperability problems with other users.
  • Pirated software tends to give more problems than benefits, both in terms of maintenance and updates.
  • You have to invest in hardware. It is not necessary to be up to date, but we do not have to suffer the hellish ordeals of a noisy printer or keyboards that do not even see the letters.

Those of us who are daily with computer equipment in our hands, have we ever experienced that feeling of stress and despair. It is the company’s job to minimize computer errors and provide a technological infrastructure that allows all employees to work easily and comfortably.

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