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Today, we would like to show you what Google images is and how to get the most out of our content with this image search tool . You are ready? Let’s get started!


Google images  is the functionality offered by the Google search engine to find photographs, drawings, infographics and other visual elements . The way it returns results is the same as when you do an ordinary web page search and it allows you to segment your searches by size, color, usage rights, image type and publication date .

The images are displayed in a mosaic that allows a quick and comfortable viewing, and are linked to the website where they were originally published. Above the list is a series of words suggested for similar searches.

To  access Google Images services  it can be done in two ways: the first, by directly typing images And the second, by performing a normal search in the usual box and then selecting ‘images’ in the options offered by the search engine just above the results.

Google Images should not be confused with  Google Photos , which is an application that allows you to store audiovisual documents on your mobile phone with free unlimited storage, visual search, editing functions, shared libraries .


One of the most original functions of Google Images is that it allows  you  to search for the same or similar files from an image and without using words. The search engine offers the possibility of ‘search by image’ in the search box itself, drag the photograph that we want to trace, use a URL or right-click on an element located on a web page and choose the ‘Search image’ option on Google . 

When using a mobile device, you need to hold your finger on the image to bring up the menu. This function is used to search for a similar photo, websites where it is hosted or the same image published in other sizes. The images can be saved on different devices, but always bearing in mind that  the images usually have use rights  and that their reuse entails permission from the author.

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Images are a very important part in SEO optimization of a web page . For this reason, the Mount View giant itself gives a series of recommendations for a site to appear in organic searches thanks to its photographs. 

They are mainly summarized in two: include an ‘Alt’ tag or a subtitle near the image so that Google robots can easily track it and use high-quality photos that attract users’ attention. To appear in Google image searches it is also very useful to  use original material or edit it  if it has been obtained from a free image bank .


There is the possibility of requesting that personal photographs with intimate content be removed from the search engine results, although it is not easy. For this, Google requires that one of these circumstances occur:

  • That the person mentioned appears naked during a sexual act
  • That the content has been disseminated or obtained without consent.

Google warns that the removal of these images by you does not imply that they disappear from the source web page and advises affected users to contact the webmaster of the site directly . There is a tool called  SafeSearch  that allows explicit and inappropriate content such as pornography to be blocked in the results. It can be very useful in the event that the use of the computer or tablet is shared with a minor.


A company of the entity of Google with the hundreds of millions of users it has, cannot stop when it comes to the development of its applications and platforms. In fact, this is something that is evident in some of its star products such as  Chrome  or in the search engine as such.

The Chrome search engine is something that is constantly growing based on new updates that come to it. Thus, as we have recently seen in the Google Images section, this has been updated showing them, but in a different way.

The image search engine managed by Google itself has just received a new  format  and screen design. This is where we can find the photos and images that interest us after entering the corresponding terms in the  search box . However, despite its good performance, the company has changed it significantly several times in recent times.

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Although it is very likely that, in a few days or weeks, extensions will appear for browsers to restore the old  Google Images design , for now there is nothing available. With everything and with it, there are users who liked the change, and others not so much.

This new change moves the preview of the photo resulting from the search to a preview area located on the right side of the screen. This offers us a greater margin of maneuver to continue looking for other related images, so it will be necessary to get used to it.


Can all Google images be used ? Is the internet a source of public access ? Are there mechanisms to know which image I can use and which not ? ¿ Where I can find images for free ?

Every day there are more blogs and web pages that open their doors to the world giving value and addressing infinite number of topics. To enrich all those contents, there is an element that cannot be missed and that is the images. I already tell you that if you have asked yourself if you can use Google images and put them in your post, the answer is NO. There are mistakes that you should not make when using images taken from the Internet. Below, we give you a series of recommendations when using Google images :

  • Take copyright into account . Before disposing of Google images, you must take into account copyright and the regulations that regulate it. The images are considered works under the protection of Intellectual Property, whose legal protection is found in  Royal Decree 1/1996, of April 12 , which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law (hereinafter, LPI) . The LPI establishes that the making available to the public by third parties of any image, photographic work or mere photograph, published periodically or on a website, will be subject to the authorization of its author. The Law thus protects authors by the mere fact of creation and grants them exclusive rights to use., disposition and exploitation of the work, provided that the limitations established to the exploitation right in the Law are respected.
  • Take into account Creative Commons licenses . You will ask yourself! What do I need to know about Creative Commons licenses ? They are licenses that allow the recognition of the work, the modification and transformation of it, share them and their use for commercial purposes. You should know that, the recognition or attribution of the author of the image, by who will use it, will always be requested. Depending on the license that the author has attributed to the image that you like, you will have more or less advantages. Are these licenses worth it? If you like doing things well, you are creative and you want to give images your personal touch, we tell you that it will be worth it:
    • Attribution ( Attribution ): Whenever you use the image or photo, you must name its author
    • Noncommercial ( non commercial ) can freely use the work, but as long as you do not receive any commercial benefit for it
    • Share Alike ( Share Alike ) have permission to create derivative works, as long as you keep the same license for dissemination.
    • No derivative works ( No Derivate Work ): you can exploit the work, but without modifying it
  • Take into account the potential of image banks . Ignoring the option of using image banks is a mistake that occurs very often. Sometimes due to ignorance and other times to think that they will be a great added cost for your blog. Currently there are numerous image banks at very affordable prices. There are free , paid or even specific image banks such as for searching for icons.
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Although I focus in this section on the images you make with your camera, keep in mind that it also applies to the contents of Google images . Without a doubt, the best possible scenario is that you create your own images, both for security and creativity, and you will always be calm.

The images you have created you can give the use you want, but you must be cautious with its content. There are several factors to consider:

  • Other people appear in the image . In this case you need the consent of the person present in the image for publication.
  • In the event that there is a minor , you will need the authorization of their parents or legal guardians. You should also be very careful if a renowned or recognized brand appears on the image. In this case, I advise that if you do not have their consent, you should use a filter so that it is not eligible.
  • It is possible that some private area  appears  in the image . Without the consent of the property we advise you not to make use of its use.
  • It is very common that a car registration  appears  without realizing it, in this case it is best to degrade the area and avoid problems.

In short, be careful with any element that can identify the person or is recognizable. From The Social Media Family , we advise you to always review your images when faced with these issues and you will avoid more than one scare. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us … We will be happy to advise you!

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