We usually see small companies that manage their Google Adwords campaigns themselves , and although we have sometimes recommended it, and Google does everything possible because the system is simple, the apparent simplicity of Google Adwords hides a waste of money and errors if the Campaigns are not well analyzed, configured , focused and measured.

Here are some common mistakes and attitudes we’ve seen:

  • Miracles. We believe that it is worth creating adwords , putting money and the miracle to come … without words! The competition is brutal, and automatic word auctions do nothing more than get Google to win more and more for each word. And many people do the same, spending and paying for CPC like crazy, automatically letting Google calculate instead of using manual CPCs, or limiting your maximum CPC, having studied each keyword and the results in the different search engines, locations and Languages.
  • Let yourself be guided by Adwords. It is oriented so that anyone can create a campaign, but it is the best way to throw money. It is impossible to keep an account well, even if you know perfectly the company, the sector, you have to put many hours into the tool. You will kill flies with cannon shots and you will spend the money with very low yields. Google Win !!
  • Be comfortable and don’t think about exact or negative matches. Using broad agreement for all, this will cause an increase in costs that will not always be related to an increase in our conversions
  • Excessive ads pointing to the same landing page . We will not find agreement and we will get wide rebounds, and we will lose quality and therefore Google will see us worse.
  • Without complicating life. Many companies only create one ad, in a campaign, in an ad group, and do not play with the possibilities of campaign settings, languages, countries, etc.
  • Wildly. You have to think not only about the messages or keywords, if not the market, the channels, the devices where they are going to be seen, and integrate it if you rush me with your SEO strategy and services . Try different texts, actions, etc …
  • No conversions or CPA . If there is no conversion code, we will be able to measure (such as the CPA or cost per share) and of course decide. If we do not have it well configured with Analytics, we will not be able to measure the impact of our campaigns well.
  • Wrong measurements. Often if we are going to make a decision based on the results of our web presence, our SEO strategy in conjunction with the SEM strategy requires that we configure analytics well and think that we want to measure, and that it adjust as much as possible to reality. .
  • Be incorrect in spelling, grammar and correct Google policies. They often reject ads and you don’t really know why. Be careful with what you want to announce it could be that after all the work they do not validate your account, nor the announcements.
  • Not having a SEM and SEO strategy : this is the main mistake. You know that if you Google in Valladolid, the search is different from Madrid, right? And if you use an authenticated Google account, you will get different natural results depending on your visits and historical preferences.
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This is starting to get complicated, right? The truth is that there is abundant literature on the subject. Exciting and changeable like few others.