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10 SEO tools to analyze your web positioning

We wanted to compile a series of SEO, SEM and SocialMedia positioning and visibility tools that we usually use to make our free web positioning reports to clients, in our particular ClinicaSEO .


SEO reporting tools  , with it you will get an analysis of your site, the status of your  pagerank , indexed pages, traffic level ,.

  • HubSpot : Analysis of your website and a complete report from their point of view.
  • SEOGuardian : Complete analysis tool and in Spanish.
  • WooRank : Generate a complete report where it reveals your deficiencies. Own criteria.
  • SemRush : Ideal for analyzing Adwords competitors and other parameters. It is necessary to have competitive keywords.
  • OpenSiteExplorer : Analyze the competition, number of inbound links and visibility: There is more to SEOMOZ
  • SISTRIX : Free for a few days. Analyze everything but requires web integration.
  • Domain Tools Whois lookup ; Indispensable tool that allows to know all information about a domain.
  • WebSEO Analytics Tools . It provides a suite of  tools  each with a specific objective. Not all of them are free.
  • Nibbler . One of the latest discoveries in SEO tools with interesting analysis and a  wealth of information .


  • Web Page Analyzer from Website Optimization ; An excellent tool that analyzes the web page and gives recommendations to decrease the loading time. It focuses on optimizing the number of objects, images.
  • WebSitePulse Test Tools ; a series of tools to identify the loading time of a website.

Visualization in browsers

  • Browsershots ; Take screenshots of your web page in various browsers such as Firefox, IE …, and from Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. Unfortunately, the tool takes a long time to take the screenshot.
  • MobiReady Report ; Analyze the compatibility of your website on a cell phone. The report is very detailed of the visual problems.
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Search engine optimization

  • UrlTrends ; graphically shows web traffic information according to search engines such as alexa, google, yahoo …
  • SEO-Browser ; It shows the components and how they see them in a search engine.
  • SEO Workers SEO Analysis Tool ; tool that analyzes keywords and load time.
  • Seekport Seekbot ; Analyze meta tags and textual content to determine effectiveness.

Code Validation

  • WDG HTML Validator ; excellent tool to identify syntax errors. You have an option to review all the pages of a directory.
  • W3C Link Checker ; Find and identify links that are broken on a web page.


  • Watchfire WebXACT ; serious tool that should be used by designers and developers. It generates a very detailed report of the quality, accessibility and privacy of the web page.

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