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The 10 Best Tools to Manage Twitter

Today many companies and entrepreneurs use social networks to provide their brand. Especially Twitter is used to interact with customers and offer a product. However, optimizing an account on this social network is not easy as it seems. Therefore, this post will show the 10 best tools to manage Twitter and gain a large number of followers and links in the publications.

What are Twitter tools?

These tools are online programs, which will help you to manage Twitter in an easy and fast way. By scheduling tweets and statistical studies of publications. In addition, they will help you find people who have an affinity for your brand.

What are the best tools to manage Twitter that every CM should know?

There are some tools to manage Twitter that you need to know. Well, they will allow you to gain a large number of followers and make your brand known in a short time.

1. TweetDeck

It is a tool in charge of monitoring and managing Twitter. That is, it manages to manage several accounts by scheduling publications or interactions. In addition, you can schedule the tweets to be published when you prefer.

Likewise, it is a very easy to use application where you can place alarms to notify new followers, messages and publications . Also, you do not have to register, you just have to log in with your Twitter username and password.


2. Buffer

Buffer is considered one of the best tools to manage Twitter. To access it, you only need to install the extension of the official site in your browser. Being one of the functions the programming of tweets and the analysis of the impact of their publications.

3. Tweet Binder

It is an application that allows you to statistically analyze and measure the impact of your messages and publications. Also, study the trend just by entering the theme or keyword in the search engine.

4. Storify

It is a tool that helps to collect all the information of the history of the tweets of a particular topic . It also serves to manage any of the social networks.

5. SocialBro

SocialBro is a program that has become the favorite of users, since it allows you to easily optimize your Twitter account. In addition, through this application you can obtain relevant information about inactive accounts, followers and more.

6. MentionMapp

This application is considered one of the best for being visual and intuitive. Because, it shows your favorite posts, topics, and frequently used hashtags.

7. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is a program that allows you to analyze your Twitter account for optimization. Facilitating a statistical study on interactions to improve digital marketing.

8. Manage Flitter

This application is of great use to improve and manage Twitter in a massive way. It also allows you to schedule the content to be published and the tweets at the time when the audience is greatest.

9. TwXplorer

It is considered one of the most useful tools to manage Twitter because it allows studying the competition. That is, it gives the ranking of the competitions, their statistics, related links, hashtags, followers and others.

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10. Topsy

Topsy is an application used to study the competition and optimize the Twitter account. Through the analysis of links, publications, images, hashtags, among others.

Finally, you already know the 10 best tools to manage Twitter that will help you optimize your account . In addition, analyze the competition through statistical studies of followers and publications. Choose the best one for you!

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