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7 reviews on SEO Onpage for your online store

Poor web positioning can significantly influence your sales. Everything you invest in SEO, then you will save on CPC advertising (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, …) And it is that even if you have a quality product at a very competitive price, if you are not able to get visibility , and make you see before the search engines, for practical purposes it is as if you were invisible.

For this reason, appearing at the top of Google (TOP5-10-15) is essential. And although it is necessary to start from a previous strategy : study of the KW, your market, the competition, the alternative cost in CPC, etc. The more optimized your website (SEO OnPage) the easier it will be to achieve your objectives.

Did you know that 90% of users only see the first result and that 75% choose only among the top five? That is why you cannot settle for just appearing on the first page for “your own brand”: “Calzados Pepito Suelas”, but it is necessary to get TOP3-5 for certain searches “LongTail”: Like “Katiuskas children” etc .. And to make it easier for you, today we bring you some ideas to improve the positioning of your online store and, in this way, increase the sales of your business.

1. Identify the 10 keywords of your business

The first thing you should do is know what are the keywords  (or KW sets) that best define your sector. Tools like Google Keyword Tool, ES.Semrush, or others that we have already talked about on other occasions, can help you to know what are the most frequent searches by users and the competition for each one of them. There are many strategies to decide a KW set.

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2.  Create a blog and constant activity on social networks.

Creating a blog and revitalizing your social channels is the best way to “temporarily” increase visibility and SERPs (number of positions in search listings), as well as the number of indexed pages on your website, but it is also really useful for capture the attention of customers through content that is interesting to them. The more content, and more concrete … the greater the chances that users will find you. Of course, we recommend that you do not exceed the keyword density. Try never to exceed 4% in each content so that Google does not penalize you. And think that no matter the traffic you get, what matters is the qualified visit.

3. Optimize meta tags (except Meta Keywords ..)

The titles, descriptions and other content that you include on your website must be optimized with the keywords (synonyms, related words, parallel semantics, etc-) that you have chosen in your strategy to position the online store . In this way, you will get in a few months to improve  the positioning of your online store  . The idea is that the search engine knows perfectly what the theme of your website is … and how others see it.

4. Pages with friendly URLs (SEF Search Engine Friendly)

Both the index and the categories page and the products must also contain the keywords that you are going to use in your content. Try not to include symbols like question marks or strange formulas so they can be indexed correctly. Also do not abuse the Keywords, lest your density per page is excessive> 3% may be penalized.

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5. Product descriptions

To be effective, descriptions should have a minimum of 250 words and include keywords and related words. Google increasingly gives importance to the semantics of content. This means that if your website sells shoes, it is also important to include, for example, the word “footwear”.

6. Link Building Strategy

It is possible to increase the Page Rank of your online store if you get external links that point to your page. Try to establish contact with other related websites , so that they naturally introduce links to your content from their website. But internal links are also important in making the link flow properly . This is the best way to ensure that your pages are well indexed and contributes to increasing the time users spend on the web.

7.  Buy free domains EMD Exact match keywords

Choose a domain that contains words related to your business (TLD EMD Exact match keywords), as this contributes to the SEO positioning of the web. If the one you want isn’t free, you can get inspired by searching for ideas in the browser bar. Although Google itself dismissed it a few years ago … it turns out that experience indicates that EMDs continue to provide a lot of value. Use those domains for your Adwords campaigns, you will obviously have to use different accounts, but it can help you capture specific markets, targeting thematic or product landing pages.

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