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How to implement social media strategies for SMEs

Since social media made its appearance on the scene just a decade ago, we have witnessed a great wave of change in the world of communications. A medium in which large companies have known how to see a powerful tool to reach a much wider audience. And is that currently, users who have a profile on social networks number in the millions. But it is not only a useful instrument for large companies. Remember that opening an account is completely free, so social media strategies can also be part of the advertising techniques of small and medium-sized companies with few resources.

However, do not think that by creating a few profiles and posting a few images you will become a true social enterprise. Quite the contrary. You will be wasting all the potential that this tool can have when it is properly managed. Although social networks have become one more element of communication between buyers and companies, only those companies that pay enough attention to social media strategies have managed to achieve success. That is why today we want to share with you the secrets that will make you reach the highest.

1. Put yourself in the hands of professionals

Many small companies have seen this tool as an inexpensive means of reaching a much wider audience. The problem is that most of them do not have the adequate knowledge to successfully implement social media strategies . Therefore, if you do not have enough experience, we recommend that you leave the management of your company’s social networks in the hands of an online marketing agency that can also carry out a study of your main competitors and define the most appropriate techniques to reach your target audiences. Think that beginner mistakes can end up playing against you and give a bad image of your company.

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2. The objective should not only be to sell

In their quest to increase business sales, many companies end up becoming a real nuisance for users who end up fed up with so many spam messages. And it is that social networks are not just a medium for your advertising campaigns . Although social network users affirm that they like to know the news and products of the different companies, they hope that they will also be given added value, such as closer communication with the brand.

3. Solve customer doubts and provide information 

One of the biggest advantages of social networks is that they allow users to know their doubts and opinions in real time, making it possible to respond quickly. Try to provide useful information and learn to listen to your followers in order to help and improve them. In this way, you can also earn points towards the client who, if satisfied, will recommend you in their environment.

4. Choose the right social network for your company

Not all companies target the same type of audience. And it is that a certain product can be more successful among men or women, a specific age range and according to personal interests. That is why you must be very clear who your target audience is and go find it. Not in all social networks you will find the same user profile. For example, if your company belongs to the literary sector, social networks like Goodread are more suitable, since you will have more possibilities of increasing the conversion rate in sales.

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5. Be part of the community

There is no point in posting daily if afterwards we do not spend enough time interacting with our community of followers . Knowing how to listen to users is essential, but it is also knowing how to respond, generating new conversations and joining other threads already open in the network. Of course, make sure that it does not seem forced and that the publications where you interact have a relationship with your product or service.

6. Use tools for analysis and measurement of results 

One of the advantages of social networks is that they allow us to measure the impact that our social media strategies have  practically in real time. That is why we should not miss the opportunity to find out what is working well and what we must improve.

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