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How not to use social networks in your marketing strategies

Since social networks made their appearance on the scene, many companies have used this medium to carry out their online marketing strategies. The problem is that making mistakes in a terrain as transparent as this can be too easy and a blunder against which we have not been able to act quickly can have very negative consequences for the brand image. That is why today we bring you a list of the worst mistakes that online companies can make on social networks, even without realizing it.

Give access to the wrong people

The management of a company’s social media strategies should always be in the hands of expert professionals. A bad performance by a community manager with little experience in these media can reduce sales considerably. Of course do not leave all the weight in a social network management software.

Being hacked

In recent years we have been able to see how even large multinationals have suffered the hacking of their profiles. No one is safe from this type of practice. So avoid following suspicious links that can serve as a tool to steal company passwords on social media and cause serious harm through malicious comments and posts.

Copy the content of other websites

Inspired by the content of the competition does not have to be bad, but try that your profile does not become a copy of it. Copying content or constantly sharing posts from other companies is not the way to success. It offers its own quality content to demonstrate that you really are an expert in your sector.


Take advantage of hashtags

It can be very tempting to take advantage of the pull of a specific topic to advertise your brand , but if you have nothing new to contribute and that may also be related to the topic, do not do it. Conversely. It is very likely that you will end up damaging your brand image and receive criticism and ridicule from users on social networks.

Being too personal

It is true that social networks allow greater proximity to the user, but you should not forget that you are still a company, so you should never lose formality. Too personal or controversial comments and photos can harm the brand’s reputation.

Spam your followers

To grow a community of followers on social networks it is important not to burden them with 20 posts per minute. The ideal is not to exceed 14 daily publications on Twitter, 2 on Facebook, 1 on Linkedin and 2 on Google Plus. Otherwise users will run away.

Do not analyze your social media strategies

When a company becomes part of social networks, the main objective is usually to publicize the brand and reach a larger audience. However, if we do not measure the results of our social media strategies , we will lose valuable information. These types of strategies usually work better by trial and error, so that we can know what is working and what we must change. Otherwise, we will be hitting sticks blindly.

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