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We people living a regular life and Lifestyle working so hard to achieve our goal deserves a break in weekends so that we can spend quality time with our loved ones. If you are looking for some entertaining ways so that you can do so, then watching a movie is a choice for most people.

Watching movies and web series not only a great leisure time but also a way to get away with your boredom and stress. Binge-watching and some popcorn and light-weight snacks must make your evening a special one with a good movie. But nowadays as, OTT platforms have become very much expensive people are looking for alternatives.

F movies a popular website that gives its user the facility to watch and explore new movies and web series as they like. There is an app called f movies app that is available for people to use and is available on Android and IOS platforms. Latest know more about what is f movies in brief in the next sections before we move forward to what is the f movies alternative.

Introduction to Fmovies

F movies is an excellent website that enables its user to watch premium movies and TV shows at free cost only in one click. The website and the app also facilitated its user with an easy user interface and accessible website.


F movies website also has an accessible app that you can use freely. If you don’t want to use their website, you can use the app as both the places have numerous genres and categories from which you can choose your favourite movies as you like from various premium platforms in one place.

Fmovies also has its social media handle in which users can get informed about the new movie arrivals and upcoming TV shows. It has a Twitter handle where users are free to suggest and write feedback regarding the improvement on fmovies Twitter. fMovies Twitter can also help you with suggesting new upcoming movies that they should launch on their platform for free.

Popular Movies by Genre in Fmovies

If you are expecting fmovies to various genres like Premium platforms that no other free website can give you then you are correct about it. If you are comparing fMovies to a normal movie website that always gets hang and gets glitches, then you are doing a huge mistake as this free website or app offers you premium quality HD movies and TV shows with the best user service possible. And of course, fmovies have 25 + categories in them with thousands of different movies from all over the world with subtitles included.

Indian Movies in Fmovies With Top Ratings That You Should Watch

The f movies website strives to give its best performance to the user while implying special features so that the website is more and more accessible to users of any age group. This website is especially popular in the Indian aspect.

The website has added the feature that shows you top-rated Indian movies that you should watch and have them in your bucket list that the website provides. The website goes with the IMDb rating so, you can be sure, they are not faking it and, they are going with real ratings, providing you with premium movies that you should not miss.


These are the 10 top movies that you should watch:

  1. Pather Panchali (1955) 8.5
  2. Gol Maal (1979)8.5
  3. Ratsasan (2018)8.5
  4. Nayakan (1987)8.5
  5. Anbe Sivam (2003)8.5
  6. Apur Sansar (1959)8.4
  7. Natsamrat (2016)8.4
  8. Kireedam (1989)8.4
  9. Pariyerum Perumal (2018)8.4
  10. Black Friday (2004)8.4

Benefits of Using Fmovies App or Website over Different Websites And Free Apps

There are certain benefits of choosing this website or app instead of another free app as not only this has a keen sense of easy accessibility but, also customer service and uniqueness are present as compared to other websites. The benefit of The Perks are as follows:


  1. The first benefit you will get is that you can access the website and the app wherever you want to, as it is compatible with desktop and mobile phones. The app is also very friendly and is available on the android and IOS platforms.


  1. When you enter the website address, the first thing it opens is a search bar and, its different social media handle and about section with the display of different categories. Usually, other websites provide this in their popups and the homepage fills up with featuring the movies that are at the top but, f movies have a unique way to handle accessibility so that it can give you the freedom of fingertips.


  1. The major benefit is that you will get premium features like fewer ads, more categories, and movies at a free place that will get you movies in HD quality guaranteed.


  1. The website or the app is always up to date it so you don’t need to worry about current movies as well.
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Steps To Download Movies from F movies Website

  1. It can be quite tricky to download movies from the site due to different servers and links if you don’t know accurately how to use the download manager you can always use the extraction link side that is used or recommended by the same website as well. We will go with links extraction so that you don’t have to download any other installation to watch a movie and also you can download the movies directly that you want from these third-party websites.


  1. Steps to download the movie are:


  1. You need to select a movie from the categories that you like and after that, you need to open the link:



  1. When you will open the sites. There will be an instruction for you to copy-paste the URL of the movie that you want to watch.


  1. After that, you only need to select the movie quality in MP4.


  1. Click on the download button and, your movie will start downloading.


People need to wear of the tension and spend some quality time with family to stay steady in their busy life. And movies are a gateway for relaxation.

F movies is a great platform when you need to chill. Why only Netflix when you can get all the premium OTT platforms in one place. There are so many more connected to this app and so many people using it. It has 137 K plus subscribers spread out globally.

Try now and experience a great website that you will always use when you want to watch movies from any genre or category without having to pay for it and also and Supreme quality.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding F movies (Faqs)


Question 1: is f movies illegal?

Yes, the website also streams movies that are exclusive to premium platforms and has their own risk and copyright issues.

Question 2: Is the website safe?

The website is safe until and unless the user knows how to operate it or you can always use the app. It is just like Torrent but better than it.

Question 3: The website of f movies is free to use?

It is completely free and accessible to use for any of the users you just have to log in your details and, you are good to go.

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