Anime culture originates from Japan and has now gained popularity throughout the world. Anime is animated movies and shows that are mainly from Japan. People all over the world love anime because of its fantastic storyline and genres. Naruto, Haikyu, Grave of fireflies, etc., are some of the world’s best and critically acclaimed animes. Therefore, if you also happen to be an anime-freak, then Anilinkz is one of the best sites for you. All the old, new, and popular anime are available on Anilinkz for you to watch.

More about Anilinkz

Anilink being one of the best online anime streaming sites, provide anime for absolutely free. In 2019 Anilinkz went down due to its illicit way of delivering content to its users. However, according to sources, Anilinkz can be accessed through its proxy links or VPN.

Anilinkz is, therefore, a torrent website that provides anime content only. High-quality anime with subtitles are available on anilinkz, and for this reason, anilinkz has become famous worldwide. Even though most anime happens to be Japanese, Anilinkz provides subtitles and English dubs of all those anime.

Like other regular torrent websites, Anilinkz also generates revenue from ad pop-ups that they allow featuring on their site. Since Anilinkz happens to be a torrent site, it is considered illegal and is blocked in many countries.

Anilinkz Features

  • The unique feature of Anilinkz is that it happens to be exclusively an anime website. It means that Anilinkz does not consist of other types of content different than anime movies and series.
  • All the anime hits, be it old or new, are available on anilinkz.
  • There is no download option available on anilinkz, and you can only watch online.
  • All anime is of high quality on Anilinkz.
  • Unlike most torrent sites with a search bar at the top, Anilinkz has a search bar at the bottom where you can search for the anime you want to watch.
  • Besides, on the homepage itself, you can find the list of top anime where you can choose any one of those and watch it online.
  • Apart from all these, the best feature of Anilinkz is that it provides everything for free.
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Is Anilinkz legal?

Anilinkz gathers its content through illicit means such as piracy. It steals and leaks someone else’s copyrighted content, thus infringing copyright laws. For this reason, Anilinkz is considered an illegal site and was even shut down in 2019. However, it is still available with a new domain extension which you can access easily.

Besides, Anilinkz is an illegal site that we know. Still, most people don’t know that using an unlawful site like this is also unlawful, and they get into trouble unknowingly. Therefore, to remind you, using an illegal site like Anilinkz is also unlawful.

You might end up jailed and fined for using such a site, and therefore, we request you prefer legal sites over illegal ones. However, if you still want to use torrent sites like Anilinkz, you may use it at your own risk.

Is Anilinkz safe to use?

Anilinkz happens to be a torrent site, and as a matter of fact, no torrent site happens to be safe. This is because Anlinkz acquires its content from several unknown sources and allows several ads to feature on its website, all of which bring harmful viruses and malware to your device and leave it corrupted.

Besides, there can be data theft on using an illegal site like Anilinkz, and you might lose some of your confidential data like the credit card, debit card, or other bank details. Therefore, using this is not safe, and we suggest you use legal sites like Netflix and Hulu instead of using illegal sites. You can find all animes on Netflix and Hulu.

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Some popular anime available on Anilinkz

Much popular anime are available on Anilinkz, some of which are as follows-

  • One Piece
  • Uchuu Kyoudai
  • Peacemaker
  • Sacred Seven
  • SaiKano
  • Taiko No Tatsujin
  • Naruto

Is Anilinkz Still Working?

As of August 2021, the original Anilinkz website does not seem to be working. The site can be opened, but the anime is not available there. When you click on anime or any other option, you will get redirected to some unknown pages. Hence, it seems like the site is open but is not functioning.

However, according to the latest reports, the new Anilinkz website is arriving soon, and this is one of the best news for anime freaks out there as their favorite anime hub is set to reopen in 2021.

How to unblock Anilinkz?

You can unblock this in two simple ways: one is through proxy sites and the other by using a VPN server. Proxy sites are very similar to the original site and act as an intermediary link between the site and the user, thus giving the user an authentic feel. All the contents, website features, etc., are similar to the original site on proxy sites.

Besides, you always have the VPN option, where you need to download a VPN software on your device and connect to the server shown on that server. However, make sure you connect to the server with the lowest ping as it happens to give you a strong connection with fast speed. One good thing about using the VPN is that it hides your IP Address and location, thus protecting you from getting caught.

Anilinkz legal alternatives

Although sites like Anilinkz provide free content, such sites are still not very good and safe to use. Illegal sites corrupt your device by bringing viruses and malware into it. Besides, such sites can also steal confidential data from your device like email-id, bank details, etc.

Therefore, it is better not to use such illegal sites, especially when you have many good alternatives readily available and accessible. Yes, you do have to pay some monthly or annual amount to access legal sites, but such sites are worth every penny. Why take the risk of getting your bank account hacked to save the money required for simple legal site subscription charges.

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You will never regret using a legal site as they give you an excellent experience, and also, you don’t have to get annoyed by ads in between the movies, anime, or series. Therefore, be confident and go for any of the legal alternatives.

Some of the famous legal alternatives that also consist of anime content are as follows-

·         Netflix:

Netflix is perhaps the best app to watch anime online. It provides anime content worldwide. It is among those few legal apps and sites that operate worldwide. Hence, if you have a Netflix subscription, then you get to enjoy good anime as well. Even if you don’t have any subscription right now, don’t hesitate to subscribe to it.

·         Amazon Anime

Amazon Prime Video itself is a worldwide popular movie streaming site, and it has come up with different anime streaming app called Amazon Anime, which also operates worldwide. This is nothing but fantastic news to anime lovers out there. All the latest, old, and popular anime are available on Amazon Anime. Just buy the subscription monthly or annual and then enjoy watching anime.

·         Hulu

Hulu is already a popular movie streaming site, and now it also has started streaming anime and that too worldwide. So anime-lovers, you may stop digging into illegal anime sites and start subscribing to Hulu to watch all your favorite anime.

·         HBO Max

Recently HBO Max has also started streaming anime, but they haven’t made it worldwide yet. It is limited to some regions like the USA, Latin America, Spain, Nordics, and some other European countries. However, they will soon make it worldwide, and anime-freaks will have one more anime-watching option added to their list.

Anilinkz illegal Alternatives

Anilinkz has many illegal alternatives, and its choices are more or less like itself only. Most Illegal options also provide content for free and have similar features to Anilinkz.

Some of its popular illegal alternatives are-

  • Anime Freak
  • GoGo Anime
  • 9Anime
  • Chia-Anime
  • Anime Planet
  • Kiss Anime
  • Animetoon

Using an illegal site is harmful to your device and is also a threat to your confidential data. Therefore, we recommend you prefer legal sites to watch anime.







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