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How to use Telegram for your business

Telegram for companies is the instant messaging API that has gained the most ground lately. Businesses have a free and effective tool for segmenting, managing groups, sharing large files in the cloud, and communicating with customers.

The popularization of smartphones brought with it the appearance of various instant messaging apps. In a short time, we got to know Line, Telegram and WhatsApp, among others. In our environment it was the latter who led the cat to the water.

Now that companies are aware of the importance of good communication with the customer,  Telegram is revealed as an excellent marketing tool .

In this article we want to show you how you can  use Telegram in your business to improve communication with customers and followers .


Telegram for companies is an instant messaging application developed with open source. In general, it is  similar to WhatsApp, but includes very interesting additional functionalities .

Many companies use WhatsApp for Business because in our country it is the most popular instant messaging application. We must not forget that  Telegram has great success in many countries and does not stop adding downloads  also in Spain.

The most important thing is that Telegram for companies has tools specially designed to improve communication with customers.


Both platforms have many points in common, but there are also important differences:

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Cloud computing

Telegram is cloud-based and  syncs constantly . This means that you can access the messages from different devices at the same time. Also,  you don’t need to store the data on your device  because it will be safe in the cloud.

Large data capacity

Another important aspect for companies is that it allows you  to share an unlimited number of photos, videos and files in multiple formats  without worrying about the weight of the files. Files that can weigh up to 1.5 GB each.

Data encryption

Telegram’s encryption and data center infrastructure  makes communications fast, secure and confidential . End-to-end encryption protects messages.

Privacy, highly questioned on WhatsApp, is one of the highlights of Telegram. You don’t even have to share your phone number . You can create an alias to identify yourself.

Open Source

Telegram is an open source API that  allows developers to create their own  Telegram applications . This is something similar to what happens with WordPress.

Artificial intelligence

The  integration of bots  and artificial intelligence tools is a huge advantage if we want to  use Telegram, for example, as a contact center application .

The platform allows you to create specialized tools for Telegram,  integrate other services and even accept payments .

Group management

This is another of Telegram’s strengths as a marketing tool. Its group management is excellent, with great  tools for dissemination, segmentation and automatic responses .

Telegram allows you to have up to 200,000 members per group. The ability to use  replies, mentions, and hashtags helps maintain order and efficiency when communicating with large groups .

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Another cool feature is the public groups that anyone can join. This makes it a social network in itself from which you can get valuable feedback.

Also, Telegram is free and ad-free.


Telegram is a powerful communication tool that you can use simultaneously and synchronously on PC, Android and iOS. Therefore, it  should be kept in mind to manage your marketing campaigns .

Let’s see what Telegram can do for your business.

  • Create a public channel Public
    channels have unlimited users, but to avoid chaos, only administrators can create content.
    When creating your channel do not forget to add  a name and a description with a link to your website.  Add an alias that defines your company well. This will be the name that users who want to join the channel will see.
    Only the administrator will be able to see the profile of the channel users. The rest of the participants can only know the number of users.
    Every time you add content to your channel, the message will reach all members . This allows you to create very effective campaigns with multimedia content.
  • As an alternative to email marketing
    Channels can be used as substitutes for  email marketing . In addition to being instantaneous, its functionalities have nothing to envy.
    When you send a message, you will see in the visit counter how many members have seen it. So you can know at the moment the impact of your publications.
    Unlike with emails, here  you do not have the risk that the message ends up in the spam tray . And another advantage:  the user does not need to open the mail because they receive a push notification .
  • Marketing
    automation Telegram allows you to automate processes. You just have to create a bot that makes the publications of your marketing campaign. You can  create self-posts with different functions . One of them is to make sure that every time you share something on your blog or on social networks, it automatically reaches the members of the channel.
    You can use the tool to  create contact forms, conduct surveys or receive orders,  among other things. It is also possible to  schedule publications on your Telegram channel by  selecting the date and time you want.
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The future of messaging applications is much more than chatting with friends and Telegram is one step ahead. Bots open up a world of possibilities for marketing automation processes, since you can adapt them to your business without problem.

The possibilities of Telegram as a marketing tool are very numerous and can be applied with ease.

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