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Top Six Benefits Of Google Ads To Grow Your Business In 2021

The arena of online business is growing every single day. Thousands of entrepreneurs are establishing and running their eCommerce stores worldwide. The competition in the market has become cutthroat. 

Every business endeavors to target the prospects and turn them into loyal customers; hence, it has become high time for businesses to step up their marketing game to inform the customers about their existence and entice them into buying their products and services. 

ECommerce stores that fail to formulate and execute concrete marketing strategies do not survive for a long time in the market. 

Competitors are like hungry sharks in the sea of the eCommerce world. Failure to market the brand and attract new customers will give the perfect opportunity to the rivals to target the prospects and turn them into customers.

Thanks to the advancement in technology! You can now grow your online business with the help of the latest marketing platforms such as Google Ads.

Google ads advertise the business, its content, or commodities to a large audience that is genuinely interested in that product or content. It means that Google ads will only send an organic audience to the website and filter out those not interested.

If you want to take your business to new heights and stay ahead of your competitors in the marketing game, you must take help from Google ads.

In today’s article, we have gathered some fantastic benefits of Google ads to grow your online business and widen your clientele or customer base.

Ready? Let’s begin…

Top Six Benefits Of Google Ads To Grow Your Business In 2021

1. Colossal Reach 

Who do millennials and Gen Z trust the most with their problems and always go to it without thinking twice?

Think for a bit of a while…that’s right, it’s

The pioneer of search engines is a trusted platform for people to find the solution to their queries. 

Looking for the best coffee in the neighborhood? Google it.

Trying to find the available jobs in the city? Google will help you.

Searching for the eCommerce stores that sell warm mittens? Google will escort you to the right destination.

In short, Google has the answer to everything! Millions of people daily head over to this website to enter their queries and seek solutions.

Did you know Google receives around 3.8 million search queries each minute? 

It means Google handles 228 million searches every hour, 5.6 billion searches in 24 hours, and more or less 2 trillion searches in a year.

Isn’t it phenomenal? A huge crowd comes to this platform daily. It is a perfect channel for businesses to run their ads to attract and convert the audience.

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If people are looking for the products you deal in, Google ads can direct them to your website. A business can welcome loads of serious prospects on its website to convert them into customers.

2. Flexible Marketing Platform 

Google ads is a flexible marketing platform for all types and sizes of businesses. Marketers can control the traffic, modify their campaigns, and set the budget for the ads.

Flexible Marketing Platform
Moreover, Google ads are highly compatible with various other marketing channels and software. The business can customize its ads to target the people according to their location, digital devices, and the Google-owned websites they are using, such as YouTube, Google search, Google Maps, etc.

A business doesn’t have to be huge to use Google ads for marketing its brand. Google ads cater to every type of organization. If your business is small and doesn’t have an enormous amount to spend on marketing, no need to worry. By using Google ads, you can specify your budget and set a limited amount of clicks for preset keywords.

Businesses can instantly reach the right audience without spending a fortune on ad campaigns.

3. High Return On Investment 

Businesses have to spend an exponential amount on marketing channels to run their ad campaigns and reach a massive targeted audience. Spending on different channels doesn’t guarantee prospects visiting the website and purchasing goods. Either one person visits the website or hundred, the marketing expense would remain the same. However, this is not the case with Google ads.

If a business runs Google ads, it will only pay when a prospect clicks on the ad. Isn’t it amazing? It means the short-on-budget companies can also leverage the power of Google ads to promote their goods and services.

Google ad campaigns offer a high investment rate; you only pay when a prospect visits the website or the landing page. But remember, a business will have to design a suitable campaign and track its results to get a clear picture of the ad’s performance.

Google ads enable marketers to track the performance of their ad campaigns. If the ad is not bringing the desired results, it can be either modified or discarded to prevent the wastage of money.

4. Quick And Transparent Results

Designing and launching an ad campaign is not enough to reach your marketing goals. It is essential to track and measure the result to ensure that the campaign is headed in the right direction.

The latest marketing channels provide the metrics to measure the effectiveness of the ad. But, it becomes nearly impossible to figure out the analytics presented on the dashboard. However, by following the Google ad trend, it’ll become pretty easy for you to understand the reports and results of your campaigns.

When a marketer is able to figure out the performance of its campaign, he understands the flaws and shortcomings of the ad and works on its improvement.

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Google ads deliver easy-to-understand, quick, and straightforward results on the dashboards. A marketer can easily find out the information such as clicks ads received, impressions, website visitors, keywords prospects entered, cost of clicks, etc. And that’s not it!

You can get more granular results with the help of Google analytics integration. It gives an insight into the prospects’ overall behavior, including what pages and options they clicked and how much time they spent on the website.

These easy-to-understand reports and analytics make Google ads an extraordinarily intuitive and transparent system for marketers to govern the ad’s performance.

5. High-Quality Leads

By joining the bandwagon of Google ad trends, a business can enjoy a considerable amount of organic traffic on its website.

Google is undisputedly the largest search engine in the market.  In February 2021, Google accounted for an 86.6% share in the search engine market. It has a broad customer base who trust this platform for seeking the solution to their queries. For this purpose, Google endeavors to improve its algorithms to display more relevant results and ads that align with the user’s intent or interest.

If a business deploys Google ads for growing its business, Google can send high-quality leads and prospects to the company’s website or social media handles.

The traffic that arrives at the website through Google is organic, and the visitors have the high intent of accessing the information, purchasing the product, etc. It means that your resources are spent on attracting the right audience for your business.

The primary reason marketers prefer Google ads over other marketing platforms is the broader reach to the organic audience that matches the persona of their ideal buyers.  This kind of reach is not found in other marketing platforms, not even in social media marketing channels.

You might be surprised to know that social media ads are not as effective as Google ads. The major reason behind it is the absence of user intent. People come to Google when they’re in trouble and want to search up the internet to find a solution to their problems. 

Contrary to this, people log on to social media websites to communicate with their social circle and entertain themselves. People do not visit social networking sites to find solutions to their issues. Hence, running ad campaigns might not be as effective as Google ads.

Whereas, by running Google ads, you present your business to the highly interested prospects in the content or commodities you offer.

6. Other Benefits 

If you wonder what else Google ads have to offer, keep reading to unveil how your business can grow exponentially by leveraging Google ads in your marketing campaigns.

      i) Helps In Understanding The Targeted Audience

Google ads assist the prospects throughout their buying journey from a brand. At first, it shows the businesses’ advertisements that align with the interests and keywords entered by the user. Later on, it retargets the people who showed interest in the company or its products.

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When an ad appears on the result page, it introduces the user to the brand that offers a solution to his problems. If the user clicks on the ad, he will be directed to the company’s landing page. The company can entice the user to share his email or contact details, which can later be used for retargeting and sending offers or updates.

It also helps the brands understand the keywords people type to look up for products, information, business, etc.

     ii) Builds Brand Awareness 

Businesses have to repeatedly run their ad campaigns to attract the audience and make them aware of their existence. Google ads provide an excellent opportunity for marketers to build brand awareness and reach a wider network of people.

By running Google ads, marketers reinforce their brand’s name, trademark, products, and services they deal in. They introduce themselves to the buyers and help the audience remember the business and its products.

The more the prospects see the ads of a company, the more likely they will remember it and visit the website to learn more about it. Moreover, Google ads also offer retargeting ads. A business can easily target the prospects who visited the profile or showed interest in the products.

     iii) Different Bidding Strategies

Different Bidding Strategies

Google ads offer different bidding strategies to cater to the needs and budget of the businesses:

  • CPC bidding drives more traffic to the website.
  • CPM bidding stands for cost per thousand viewable impressions. Google recommends it to businesses that want to increase their brand awareness. CPM bidding is only available on Google Display Network and not on the search network.
  • CPA bidding is ideal for marketers who want to boost conversions and increase signups.

     iv) Quicker Results Than SEO

SEO is the backbone of increasing website traffic and boosting sales. It takes a reasonable amount of time, effort, and resources to build the SEO of a business’s website and make it rank higher on the search engine result pages. However, Google ads can make your website rank on the first result page even if you are a startup and have invested little to no resources on building your SEO.

Google displays the ads before showing the actual results. A business can quickly leap forward than its competitors on the result pages.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this article has changed your perception from “Why Google ads for the business?” to “Why not?” 

Google is a fantastic platform that is used by millions of people worldwide every single day. Hence, advertising your brand using this platform is an amazing way to reach out to thousands of prospects and make them learn about the business and products.

Running ad campaigns on Google doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. Regardless of its size, every type of business can easily deploy Google ads to grow its online business.

What are some other benefits of running Google ads? Please share it in the comments below.

Author Bio:

Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify – free Shopify theme, helping dropshippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies, and mentoring programs.


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