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The 4 best tips to develop a more attractive Newsletter

The newsletters are a very useful tool when it comes to conducting inbound marketing email campaigns . And it is that the periodic sending of emails to our visitors and users, and their subsequent intelligent control and management (known as Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing) can greatly serve to strengthen our brand and improve our relationship with them.

However, the newsletter should not only be sent as something monotonous from time to time, but it should be attractive and have something useful for the user so that he wants to open the email. Therefore, a good newsletter must be the result of a good combination of attractive and well-linked content, and a design that draws attention to make it more attractive.

1. The first thing that we must take into account is that if we want to reach our readers and that they capture the message perfectly, we must be clear and not go around the bush. It is about facilitating the task for the reader and avoiding having to be looking for information everywhere. Therefore, ideally , important information should always be highlighted . For this, attractive colors and shapes can be used for those key words that we want the reader to capture at a glance.

In addition, creating a clear and attractive newsletter is not complicated at all, especially if we think that there are currently a multitude of digital tools that can help us make this task simpler.

2. It is also important that the information that you want to transmit to the reader is well structured. Therefore, if we have to include a large amount of content, to make it more attractive we recommend that you include tables, diagrams, graphics that help the understanding of the content and at the same time be ordered. In this way the reader will not be bored just opening the email and seeing a single paragraph without any organization or anything that may interest him.

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3. Something that can also increase the value of your newsletter is to include phrases that incite action , that is, make the reader click and go to the website or section you are highlighting. To do this, do not forget to also include a link to facilitate the task for the user . Think that everyone is in a hurry on the Internet and unless they are very interested in the product they will not bother to see how to enter the web, so it is vitally important to provide the user with facilities to get to our product.

4. Make sure that the design you choose for your newsletter can be viewed both on other email servers and on mobile phones, as more and more users use this type of tool to access the Internet. And it is that the Smartphone, without a doubt, has revolutionized the world of the Internet, creating a new device in which to be able to view content on the network and opening a new medium for companies when it comes to carrying out marketing campaigns, reaching more users.

In summary, for a newsletter to be attractive it is important that in addition to having a good design and good content, it is organized in such a way that it does not imply an effort for the reader and that everything is much easier. It is about thinking in every detail so that the recipient is interested in our product and therefore facilitate the way to it.

It is about guiding the user to the product without the user realizing it, so the best icing on the cake is, without a doubt, a final phrase that encourages the user to purchase the product and makes him think that he needs to have it today. same.


It would be essential that you also obtain an exact measurement of the result of your shipment : opening rates, number of times a user has opened, conversions made, where the links come from, so it is essential that the system be integrated with an analytics of results, that your emailing list is purified (you will avoid SPAM problems and unsubscriptions, etc … but we will talk about this another day.

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