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WhatsApp for companies! a new modality

How about becoming a sales star? Attract clients in various locations and make your company known beyond its physical borders?

 If it is possible.

And beware, it is not just  social networks  like  Facebook, Twitter, Google+  that have managed to bring companies closer to their target audiences. Today,  WhatsApp  is a fantastic application for those who want to be closer to consumers. Now, the novelty is the business tool.


Do you want to know details about how WhatsApp Business  can help millions of companies around the world achieve their goals? Do not worry, here we will offer many important information on this topic.  

What is WhatsApp Business and what is it for?

There is still a certain air of mystery when we start talking about this application. Not because it’s something from another planet, but because it emerged a short time ago. This business-oriented app was released in the first days of September.

Sure, you have already noticed that this application appeared with the aim of connecting companies and their consumers. Thus, you may think that nothing differs from what happens via traditional WhatsApp. Well, you are wrong!

The  new model of the  messaging app will offer wonderful features for its users. Thus, by using it as a medium, it will be possible to improve the  profitability of the company . In addition,  WhatsApp for companies  will optimize contact with the target audience and collaborate in attracting customers.

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Currently, WhatsApp Business has an experimental version. The new version of the application is in the testing stage and is available for download in the Google store: Google Play Store. Regarding the possibility of downloading it, it is important to note that the app is offered for only some users.

News about WhatsApp for companies

If it was already interesting to use the typical WhatsApp to stimulate sales from the comfort of your home or office, you can multiply by one hundred the possibilities that the Business version will offer you. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting aspects of this application is the fact that it can be used on landlines. This is achieved by registering the accounts, configuring a public profile and migrating the previous talks for the app.

But what does the public profile mean  ? When speaking of this type of profile, reference is made to a more expressive set of information. Obviously, that is higher when compared to the traditional version. Apart from the name and surname, users will be able to inform their location, the type of company, their site and the email address.

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Another point of utmost importance is the ability to send  instant messages   when users are not available. Even administrators and entrepreneurs can choose specific days and times to use it.

One of the most common doubts when talking about the new WhatsApp modality is about the integration between both versions. The truth is that WhatsApp for companies is incorporated into the original. Therefore, two different applications are not considered. What varies are the functions and their uses.

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The shine of the eyes of SMEs

There are not a few companies that have difficulties when it comes to investment for organizational marketing. There is not always money to carry out campaigns with wide horizons, which complicates the situation of companies quite a bit.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp for companies is a fundamental resource of value for small and medium-sized companies. The development of a WhatsApp model that favors not only personal but also commercial contact is a fantastic advance for SMEs. This is because it  reduces costs  with the dissemination of marketing strategies. In addition, it allows the organization to successfully reach the target audience.

If you have doubts about how WhatsApp Business can help the success of your business, we will ask you to reflect on this question: what is the value of having the company close to the target audience?

You have probably considered the close relationship between these two market players to be fundamental. Yes, it is essential that the company looks for ways to feel close to its consumers. And WhatsApp Business will offer that! With the application, companies will be able to send messages in real time to customers. In this way they will be able to obtain immediate and high-quality answers.

Big companies and WhatsApp Business

Just as small and medium-sized companies will be able to adopt this tool to communicate with their audiences, large companies will also be able to feel its benefits.

But, not everything is the same. Large companies will have to pay a monthly cost to use this app. Considering that the novelty is already animating large corporations, it can be assumed that WhatsApp for companies will be an excellent alternative for larger organizations.

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Surely, the way in which small, medium and large companies will use WhatsApp Business when it is a fact, differs a lot. Not because of the structure and its functions, but because of the diverse objectives of each company size.

One of the main functions coordinated with the objectives of large companies will be to  send  important  information . Small and medium-sized companies will already adopt WhatsApp for companies with the aim of promoting the brand, its products or its services.

The pilot program and expectations

Preparations to launch the project have not yet been finalized. What is perceived is that the companies that are using the  trial version  manage to improve contact with customers. Like every experiment, mistakes sometimes happen and engineers have to deal with those problems. The search to improve the user experience is constant. That is why experts are always looking to incorporate new tools and developing new resources.

And to you, what do you think of WhatsApp for companies? Tell us your opinion! If you want to get out of doubts about WhatsApp or other issues related to the digital communication area, be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter. We are here to help you!


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