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Basic notions to optimize a blog

For any brand, having a blog means having one more communication channel that requires a minimum investment for its creation in exchange for offering us to increase the visibility and visibility of our brand on the Internet, they add value to the company, allow us to know the public better , they are ideal to receive feedback from their consumers, they allow the company to communicate its news and news from the sector, they help the consumer to decide on a brand … in short, having a blog is a fundamental aspect for any SME within its marketing strategy on-line.

Now, it is not only worth having a blog and constantly updating it, but the blog must be optimized , that is, it has the necessary criteria for search engines such as Google to index them and can appear in the first places with what has many more opportunities to be seen and to reach a greater number of people who can become end consumers.

For this reason, at SERSEO we have a team of consultants specialized in SEO optimization and thus be able to help you in this task, which in addition to being a little difficult for having quite technical parts, there is no magic formula with which to appear in the first position of the search engines, but we only have clues and whose criteria change every year, therefore highly qualified personnel immersed in the sector are needed.

Today we are going to analyze some of the most important and basic points that any blog should have to optimize it at the SEO level.

  • Choice of URL . This factor is key because it is always recommended to choose a URL that is short, easy to remember and friendly, that is, that it has the structure requested by search engines.
  • Name of the blog : The title of the blog will be the first impression that our potential clients have of us, which is why it is always better to choose attractive and above all unique titles.
  • The design must be consistent with the main website, that is, it must be an extension of the brand and have the corporate style of the company.
  • The navigability should be simple so you will have to include categories, search fields, popular posts, tags …
  • The content should be written in a clear and simple way so that the target audience can understand it and we can hook you to read the entire article. In this regard, it is always recommended to use some keywords within the text itself and certain topics that are of interest. If we also divide all the content with more attractive titles and sections, we will help make their reading more agile.
  • The blog description will be the one that marks the summary that users see in the search engines so you have to make an effort to create a short description that reflects the content of the blog and is striking to attract users to click and get in.
  • The links are another key that will help us position our blog so we can create relevant content to the page itself or to other pages relevant to provide more resources to readers.
  • The visual part, that is, the images must be creative and attractive and must be with personalized titles that contain the keyword that we want to position.
  • Using social networks is a tool that can help us to position the blog even better, so it is important to include the different interactions within the posts themselves and encourage “Likes” and the times it is shared through social channels such as They can be Facebook, Youtube, Google +, Twitter or Instagram which are the most powerful today.
  • Aspects such as the size and load of the blog are increasingly important to take into account, not only for the user himself who wants immediate accessibility, but also for search engines that search for blogs as compressed as possible.
  • The update of the same is one of the vital points for a blog fulfill its role since nothing helps us have some written post for months or even years as one of the measures most valued by search engines is updating, more content own and original, the more positions we will upload on the Internet. This work is usually somewhat tedious for many companies since they do not have enough time to write articles every week, for this reason at SERSEO we also have consultants specialized in content creation who are responsible for creating content and always keeping the blog updated .
  • Last but not least, we must mention that the creation of the content must always be its own, original and in no case copied from another external source because we will not only make search engines not position us better, but even penalize us and we can go down positions.
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With the rise of the Internet we must differentiate ourselves from our competition and having an optimized blog is within the reach of any small and medium-sized company, so the accessibility to new opportunities is much greater. Our goal with all these recommendations is that precisely your blog is better optimized, although these are just some ways to do it, so do not hesitate to consult with our SEO professionals so that they can make a more thorough optimization of your business blog and be able to reach many more of your potential clients.

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