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How to make an SEO report?

If you are an SEO consultant or have a web page it is necessary that you have full knowledge of the status and operation of your online site. Being the SEO report the document that collects all this data. Which allow to analyze the reaction of all the actions that are being carried out on the website. In order to be able to work on its improvement to achieve positioning in the first lines of search engines. That is why this article will show how to make an SEO report.

Traffic sources

The source of traffic are the ways in which the netizen reaches the website. Indicating the origin of the users who visit the site.

SEO generates a great source of organic traffic on web pages. Therefore, the report should begin with this point, since it will allow the client to have an idea of ​​the positioning of their page. That is, it shows the percentage that SEO represents versus other sources.

Brand and non-brand traffic

The segmentation of SEO traffic is very important, since it allows to know what type of users are looking for the name of a brand. In addition, it is essential to know the possible variants of netizen traffic.

Because of that, the increase in SEO traffic can be due to several factors. First of all, to 100 new links in a week. Second, to its optimization or external factors that have managed to turn the website into a trend. Therefore, studying and identifying these factors will allow you to do an analysis and improve your SEO. For this reason, it must be included in the report.

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Landing traffic

Keywords no longer have the same effectiveness in determining the origin of traffic, therefore the landing has replaced it. Since the traffic per landing has the function of identifying the URL with the highest traffic, in order to enhance it.

Keywords Ranking

The position of the main keywords and their link with SEO traffic can give a vision of the best keyword strategy to use.

However, the correlation between the ranking of Keywords and SEO traffic has been playing down, since I don’t know how much attention is paid to it . Due to the influence of social media, personalized search, and the influence of search histories.

Therefore, the less the client knows about the importance of the Keywords ranking, the more importance it will give. Therefore, within the SEO report, the position of Keywords in recent months must be shown, to observe their variation and apply techniques to raise the ranking.

Links profile

The link profile is an essential aspect to determine the evolution of a website. For this reason, constantly getting new links from domains will make the number of visits go up. Therefore, including the link profile within the parameters is a fundamental element for your page campaign.

In summary, making an SEO report does not only imply knowing the current status of the website. If not, it should be a guide so that you can apply the best techniques to achieve the positioning and SEO results that you want.

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