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The best Google tools to improve the SEO of your website

When we talk about Google, we may just keep in mind that it is a search engine. But at the moment of truth, it offers us hundreds of tools for our day to day. We are going to review the tools that will help us improve the SEO of our business and increase our brand image. Oh, and all of them are free!

In the field of SEO there are many useful tools, both free and paid. In this compilation we want to collect the  best Google tools for your SEO . Because, who better than Google to give you feedback on your website?

Surely many you already know and others are new to you. We go over them one by one. Let’s go there!


What is Google Analytics? The main analysis tool for a web page or mobile application.

Like all  Google tools, it is free,  and we will only have to install the Google Analytics code on our website. Once we have it, without any further configuration, we can start measuring the traffic we have on our website, especially organic traffic, SEO. To do this, we go to the channels tab and see the “organic. In this simple way we can see how much of the total web traffic comes from search engines. For more information about the installation and configuration of the tool,


What is Google Search Console? It is the most technical Google tool for your SEO.

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To do this, we enter the main page of Google Search Console and add our website. It will ask us to certify that we are the owners of the page. We can do it through an HTML tag, with our Google Analytics account or Google Tag Manager or by uploading an HTML file. Once we have it verified, we can see data such as the impressions of your URLs, the clicks they have received, the average position and add our  sitemap and robots.txt  so that Google takes them into account when crawling your website.


What is Google Google Trends? We are talking about the Google tool that will allow us to search for search trends and will help us to know which words are being searched by Google.

Let’s take an example. I want to create a url to improve the SEO of my website, but I have doubts. I optimize it for the keyword “digital marketing” or “online marketing”. Well, we enter this tool and it tells us that the Digital Marketing search trend is 78, while the Online traffic trend is 26, with which, the answer is clear, right?


What is Google Page Speed? The speed performance test of a web page.

As easy as entering the page  and adding the url of our website. We will get a speed index for both PC and mobile with which we can measure the speed and performance of our page. Best of all, the tool itself will tell us how we can solve the problems we have and we can run the tool again to see if we have improved our speed index.

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What is Google My Business? When we talk about GMB we can say that it is the Google business directory.

Who has not ever searched for a bar, restaurant or store on Google and found a small box with photos of the premises, opening hours and ratings? Well, that in Google My Business, which among other things will allow us to locate our business on Google Maps. To do this, we just have to enter the following  web page and follow the instructions that Google marks us: Company name and address. The next step to be able to correctly register our account will be to verify it. There are 3 different methods for this. 1) Through our Google Analytics account or Google Tag Manager 2) Through a phone call to the phone number that has the assigned web page, or 3) Through an email that will arrive at the indicated address within a period of time Average of 13 days with the keys to verify the account.

From that moment on, we will only have to add the data we want to the file: Company sector, hours, closing dates, photos … and of course, answer the reviews that customers leave us. Good customer service is essential to improve the image of our brand.


What is Google Alerts? The google tool that will help us with the social listening of our brand.

We can create alerts so that every time a word is mentioned on the internet, an alert arrives either to the mail or to a feed where we can see what is said about us on the net. In this way we can have a global vision of what is being said about us and be able to prevent future problems in customer service, quality, etc. Anticipating the problem and providing a solution before that criticism goes viral is essential to maintain the good image of our brand.

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