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Learn about the best web design tools for your site

Designing your site is easier when you have the right web design tools . In addition to having your strategies well defined, you must know how to choose the tools that will facilitate the creation of your page.

These can help your website load fast and get more visits and more customers. Keep reading as I will show you which are the best tools to design your website.

What kind of web design tools do you need?

The web design tools that are required to create a site are diverse. Among them are the content management system, visual editors, plugins, templates, etc.

So as not to make you dizzy with so much technicality, I’m going to get straight to the point in a simple way. The following are the 3 tools that will help you create a website that you can self-manage and that will help you get more sales.


WordPress is a great content management system that you can download and use for free to design all kinds of websites.

With it you can create from web pages for small businesses, to ecommerce stores, training sites and courses, and personal blogs.

This platform is extremely practical, which has led it to become the most used platform in the world.

In fact 1/4 of the world’s websites (and more) use it. WordPress is accessible for beginners who want to design their website, but it is also widely customizable for designers.

WordPress is one of the most important web design tools, since it facilitates the creation of pages to the point that you do not need to have knowledge of code. 

It is very easy to use and it is easy to learn, so you can focus on other things. That is, it allows you to design, create content, build and modify your site without having to handle any code.

Another great advantage of WordPress is that it facilitates the design theme, there are thousands of themes that you can get for your site , some are free and others are paid. 

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These themes can be bought and modified to your liking, so if you are looking for something simple and fast, this is the best solution to get out of trouble. It is precisely at this point that the next tool enters the scene.


Of the large number of themes that WordPress has, I use and recommend GeneratePress; Well, it is a theme that works super well and is optimized in all its functionalities.

Although this is one of the web design tools that has a premium version, it retains a minimalist approach, that is, it is much less heavy than other paid themes. 

The fact that it is light is key so that your website does not weigh too much and loads faster.

Something that is very useful about this tool is that it preserves the native WordPress customizer. In other words, it does not have separate option panels that can confuse you.

Despite being super lightweight, it is highly flexible and in the WordPress customizer, GeneratePress adds customization options such as: Design, typography, colors, etc. This way you can establish design rules throughout your site.

In addition to providing levels of customization, GeneratePress also offers demo sites that you can use. So if you are designing a website in WordPress, you don’t have to start from a blank canvas. 

This tool has a free version and the Premium version, with a fairly accessible price , its evaluation is perfect, 5 stars. That is why it is one of my favorite web design tools.


Elementor is the third of the web design tools that I usually use and I recommend it as one of the best, I’ll tell you why.

It is a plugin that you can install in WordPress. It works as a very easy to use page builder that allows you to design unique and 100% personalized sites.

Thanks to its quality and versatility, it is ideal for taking your site to the next level, making it look professional. I recommend you install the Pro version of Elementor to take advantage of this tool to its full capacity.

I have tried many visual editors but I consider Elementor to be the best and most complete. 

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Use sections, columns and widgets to make your website unique and attractive. Sections are the largest building blocks and inside they have columns called internal sections.

Within these sections you can add widgets, which function as content blocks. In addition, it allows you to insert images, text, buttons and other elements for the design of your site. 

All these functions make Elementor an excellent visual editor to design a website that converts visits into customers.

I already know the best web design tools. Now?

Without a doubt, using web design tools such as WordPress, GeneratePress and Elementor are the key and what can define if a website is successful or not. 

However, there is other information that I want to share with you, as it can make the difference between a website that sells and another that does not.

Have your goals clear

Before launching the best web design tools or hiring a designer, it is essential that you have well defined what you want. 

Your website must be perfectly aligned with your brand and the needs of your business .

To define your strategy and goals, ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of my website?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Who is my competition and what does it do?
  • What is my value proposition that differentiates me from the rest?

Having answers to these questions will give you a sense of direction and you will know what you need to get started, thus laying the foundation for your website. 

Never forget that having defined objectives will contribute to making your page design more fluid and appropriate.

Customize your brand

Make sure to design a website that reflects the true value of your business and shows what it does and for whom.

When a site is personalized, it speaks of who is behind it. That is, from your values ​​and what you have to help your audience this increases conversion rates.

An effective site, in addition to having the best web design tools, must convey confidence in the visitors .

For this I recommend using real photos of yourself and your team so that you show transparency.

Choose a successful color palette

It will be useless to use the best web design tools if your site does not look professional and does not have its own identity.

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Many times this happens due to not knowing how to choose the right color palette that conveys the values ​​of your brand. Don’t pick a color scheme just for the sake of it.

Rather, make sure that the colors they choose have a purpose , as these can give your brand an identity of its own that your visitors will remember. 

Each color has a meaning on your website, did you know? it is worth knowing them before choosing the colors that will identify your site.

Your page must be optimized 

Regardless of the objectives of your website, loading speed is one of the fundamental factors for the user experience to be much better and increase its effectiveness.

For this, it should not have very heavy images or videos that instead of contributing subtract from the site, making it very slow.

On the other hand, make sure that it has a responsive web design, so that it can be viewed very well on any device.

This is practically necessary, since more than 50% of the visitors who enter a website currently do so from a mobile device.

Share valuable content

Content marketing on the web takes more and more value ; And it is that if you do not have a strategy to share information that interests users constantly, your site will not have authority in Google.

Remember that working on SEO strategies on your website is a very important resource to gain organic positioning and receive more visits . In addition, it is also essential to earn the trust of your customers.

If you do not share quality content, that site that was so well designed will be forgotten. That is why I recommend you include a blog on your business website and carry out an SEO study to find out what content your audience is looking for. 

Of course, do not upload posts just to upload, make sure they are quality, original and optimized content If writing is not your thing or you do not have the time in your favor, seek professional help so that you get better results.

Following these tips and using the best web design tools will ensure the success of your site. 

Your website is the window to the world of your business and it is essential that it is well thought out; In addition, it must be built with the best tools so that you can get more visits, more customers and more sales.

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