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What is native advertising and how does it work?

Native advertising or native advertising is a form of paid content, which is increasingly used by marketers. It includes texts, infographics, videos, photographs, that is, practically all forms of content.

Although this term seems very new, it is actually based on a principle that was used in the 30s, with the product placement of films. In this way, instead of introducing an advertisement about a product, said product is placed in the plot of the film in a natural way, according to the blog of the Business School of Innovation and Entrepreneurs (IEBS).

The objective of a native advertising is to achieve a higher reading or click-through rate on the content of a company , compared to a simple advertisement, through interesting content and with a higher value.

Characteristics of the native advertising

Unlike a paid report, for example, a native advertising piece must always respect the format and style of the editorial content of the platform on which it will be published, according to IEBS.

That is, the content should align with the characteristics of the publication, respect the site’s editorial style and tone . You also need to provide the kind of information that your publication’s audience expects from you. In terms of design, the content should look organic with respect to the medium that contains it.

An important clarification is that a native advertising piece is not a hoax. The public should know that this is paid content, using captions such as ‘sponsored by’ or ‘made in collaboration with …’ . This is essential to make it clear to readers what it is about, without compromising the medium.

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According to IEBS, this warning is not only used for ethical reasons. If a follower of a certain medium comes across native content, they may think that the sponsoring brand is allocating resources to offer content that adds value, and that it does so in a respectful and non-intrusive way, which will encourage them to remember it from positive way.

Examples of native advertising

Promoted tweets, paid articles, longer videos, interactive graphics, and photos are examples of native content. In particular, according to the Native Advertising Institute, these are some prominent cases:

  • Airbnb and the New York Times

This campaign focuses on Ellis Island and how immigrants used to travel all the way to New York, in search of happiness and a new life. It uses vintage and retrospective photos to present the charm and hospitality of the place, which is consistent with Airbnb’s proposition.

  • Under Armor and

In this native content example, it’s perfect for understanding how a celebrity can be used to get closer to ordinary people. It is the story of Phelps’ preparations for the Olympics.

  • Seven Seas and The Telegraph

The Seven Seas company sponsored the special edition of The Telegraph dedicated to good news and positive thinking. Thus, through the association method, the positive thinking of the article content is transferred to the company itself.

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