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The 7 tools that will be essential for your business in 2021

A new year has arrived and with it, new hopes and expectations of increasing the sales of our businesses, or at the very least, recovering from the damage that the previous year caused to our finances. You have to be optimistic, have hope, and above all, believe that this is going to be our year.

Fortunately, the network offers us various tools to achieve our goals in a much easier way. Last year we need to survive, and this year, we need to come back. Therefore, we want to talk to you about some essential tools that you need to have to see your business grow again.


This is one of the most complete tools to help you relaunch your business. Many are surprised to learn that this app was created in collaboration with Apple. Just hearing it already makes you gain cachet and it certainly inspires confidence. Having the backing of a tech giant like Apple makes us think about how much Force Manager can offer us.

How could we define this tool?

Well, as a powerful CRM that is thinking to manage commercial teams. Many of the day-to-day functions become simple and less tedious thanks to its many functions. For example, it allows your business representatives to have direct contact with customers, as well as access all their data wherever they are. It allows you to determine sales plans and much more. Nobody better than you to know how ForceManager can help you, although for this, you will have to know it thoroughly. However, we will tell you what advantages it offers in relation to other types of CRM that you will find in the market.

• It is easy to use. When we are faced with such a powerful and comprehensive tool, it can be scary to think about how to use it. However, its interface is simple and intuitive, when you click, you will easily know what to do next.

• Video support. Not only the quality of its image is incredible, but it offers a multitude of functions that you can carry out during the meeting such as writing down reminders or data that you capture at the moment and that you do not want to forget. And also, you can schedule alerts so that nothing escapes you.

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• It is possible to keep a real follow-up of all the activity, as well as the sales processes. In this way we have everything under control and we can make the necessary changes quickly. Without a doubt, this fact brings great benefits to the business.

These are just a few of the standout features, but ForceManager is so comprehensive that it has so much more to discover.


Digital marketing is very useful to gain visibility, increase sales and retain customers. Well, content, especially audiovisual content, falls within the marketing strategies that a company can carry out. One of the big mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is not adding subtitles to a video that talks about their company, their products or services. Doing this allows users to enjoy the content anywhere, since it is possible to read the information without wearing headphones, for example. On the other hand, there are times when part of the information can be lost only with the audio, while with subtitles that will not be a problem.

Happy Scrib is an excellent tool to work on this part of your digital marketing campaigns. It is an incredible software capable of adding subtitles from audio, making transcriptions and converting any audio or video file to text in a few minutes. The best thing is that it is capable of working in 119 languages, you will surely find the ones you need!

It has a voice tag, personalized vocabulary, consistency in your texts, speed in transcription, advanced punctuation to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, and much more. Do not forget to have it on hand to have a complete audiovisual campaign.


Holded is already considered one of the best platforms to use in your business. It is much more than an accounting program in the cloud. While it is true that billing and accounting are its strengths, it has many other functions that allow you to cover many aspects of your business to make everything easier.


It is not for less that millions of companies around the world already use it, and that has guaranteed its good results.

What are some of these standout features?

• CRM. Thanks to its powerful properties, you can successfully close your sales processes. It allows you to recognize potential customers and contact them directly. It is also possible to carry out a real control and monitoring of profits, movements, details, open, stopped or closed sales processes and much more. This not only gives you the power to have everything under control, but also offers you the option of carrying out, in real time, the necessary changes to improve deficiencies or to enhance strengths. There is no doubt that doing this will attract new customers and help build loyalty to new ones.

• Accounting. Accounting for a business is one of the most tedious and complicated jobs. When the numbers don’t add up, it can become quite a headache. Thanks to Holded, you will have access to all your accounts from wherever you are and from any device.

You just have to synchronize your profile with your main banks and carry out any type of operation in a few steps.

Holded is such a complete and effective tool that we would need hours to explain how it works. The best thing is that you see for yourself how much it will make your life easier and how it works. Don’t be scared, despite its many functions and everything it offers, Holded is very easy to use thanks to its simple intuitive interface. That’s why we recommend it!


One of the essential factors in any business is communication with customers. Many companies have chosen to take advantage of technology, such as chatbots, to do so, but the truth is that the customer needs to feel safe, confident and know that there is a human side behind the company in which they obtain their products or services.

Can you imagine being able to communicate with your clients personally from wherever you are, with any device? Well this is possible with Intercom. On the other hand, it allows you to store conversations and continue where you left them and help you with whatever you need from that point on. This will undoubtedly make the client see personal interest on your part and their trust in your business will be loyal.

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This mail server was created in order to develop marketing campaigns. It differs from other mail servers in that it is capable of making groups of clients with different segmentations so that you can send mass mailings whenever and wherever you want. A perfect, simple and clear way to control your database and customize it to your liking.


To manage and control all the projects in your company, you have this useful tool that allows you to have access to all of them, knowing exactly where each one is, who is in charge, what team they have and all this, in real time . Best of all, you can make any management or change directly where you are and from any device. Thanks to these and many other functions, making the necessary changes in your company to improve the quality of the services it offers is very simple. Get this tool and enjoy watching your business grow!


For those who are immersed in the world of digital marketing, this tool will be of great help. It is almost 100% customizable, which, together with its multiple functions, has positioned it as the third most used automation platform. The highlight of her is undoubtedly her good customer service.

As you can see, there are many tools you can count on to make your day to day in the commercial world much more bearable. And not only that, you already know that in a world where there is so much competition, nothing better than to innovate, automate as much as possible and thus stand out above the rest.

To conclude, we review one of the big mistakes that many companies make, whether online, physical or both, and that is not giving payment options to customers. There are many, for example, who do not trust online payments and prefer to pay in cash, make a transfer or a card payment.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer payments by PayPal, Bizum or other options. Why not offer them all possible options? The more doors we leave open, the more customers will convert.

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