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4 points that should be part of your customer service experience

Context changes are undoubtedly the lever that brings us new trends and paradigms. One of the most obvious has been the COVID-19 crisis, which has made us rethink values, needs and even unbreakable processes so far.

In this sense, we have seen a clear transformation in the key points that must be taken into account in customer experiences and that must be an essential part.

The POST-COVID consumer expects to receive a series of points that today we want to review:

1. Closeness

This is the most important point and the one they value the most. In the context of social distancing and the digitization of consumer experiences, consumers expect to receive close and humane treatment when it comes to customer service.

Thus, to compensate for the coldness of the screens, we must offer services from people to people.

2. Knowledge

Another important point that is absolutely essential is the knowledge of the agent who is serving. Feeling that we are finding the right person and not getting lost in waiting and call transfers so that they can solve something for us.

In this sense, it is essential to have teams prepared, trained, with tools and the ability to respond even beyond what appears in the manuals.

3. Answer’s capacity

Responsiveness is also an element that must be present in customer service experiences. Although it is closely related to point 2, it also has to do with time.

The contemporary consumer, who is always in a hurry, is a time buyer and has the need to feel that what he receives is always immediate. A minute today is much longer than a minute in the past. Thus, fast services will always be much better valued and perceived. If you can’t handle all of the incoming calls internally, working with one of the top call center companies to improve responsiveness and user experience can be a great idea.

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4. Tracing

Finally, follow-up: feeling that they are being cared for even in the course of resolving any incident or issue to be addressed. That the agent who has attended you is involved in your issue and that it will be resolved.

This point is also closely related to 1, since a customer service experience will also be close if the consumer feels that there is a communication in which they are informed of all the steps of the process.


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