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Ideal transactional email ideas for your business

Transactional emails are essential when your customers make a purchase through your e-commerce. They must also be sent when users register an account on your website, when a customer modifies their contact information or to confirm the status of an order, among other things.

Do you know the usefulness of transactional emails for your business? You may think that they only serve to confirm a purchase or a subscription, but their functions go much further.

Today we are going to see  how to take advantage of transactional emails  and some effective examples of this type of email.

Transactional emails, also known as triggered emails, are essential when your customers make a purchase through your e-commerce. They must also be sent when users register an account on your website, when a customer modifies their contact information or to confirm the status of an order, among other things.

In short,  a transactional email is generated every time a user performs an action on your website .

Why are these emails so important? As you know, the  opening rate of messages  with promotions and newsletters is not very high. However,  the open rate of activated emails can be up to eight times higher .

So why not take advantage of the potential of these relevant messages for your customers and generate new sales opportunities?


Transactional emails are a great source of resources to achieve your digital marketing goals .

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Here are  5 ideas that you can put into practice  to make the most of activated emails.

The welcome message

When a user subscribes to your  newsletter  or creates a personal account, an email cannot be missing to welcome them to your website. This email serves to strengthen ties with a lead that, logically, you want to become a customer.

So,  take the opportunity to address him in a close and informal tone . Forget the texts such as “the user has been created successfully” and choose to create a colorful design and welcome messages.

This first interaction is an opportunity to publicize the differential value of your company in a few words and, incidentally, offer a discount for new users .

The goal is to get away from the coldness and send an emotional message. You can’t miss a CTA or call-to-action button that reinforces immediacy.

With this simple action, you will have managed to impact the subscriber and  create the expectation that your messages may contain interesting promotions or advantages .

Email confirmation message

Since the entry into force of the new RGPD, it is usual that when a user registers on a website they receive a message to confirm that the email address is valid and that they agree to the terms.

This message can be a cold link or it  can be a message to reinforce the welcome to your website and to remind you of all the advantages of being a subscriber .

The visual aspect of transactional emails must be taken care of as much as newsletters so that they are not cold and distant. Thus, in addition, you enhance your brand identity.

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The confirmation email can be used to summarize the main services of your page (blog, online store, professional advice or subscription plans). And it may be the perfect time to  invite them to download your mobile app or follow you on social networks .

Recover an abandoned cart

One of the main problems of online stores is  the abandonment of carts  without finalizing the purchase. Do not miss this occasion to remind your customers that they did not finish their order. But, as Vito Corleone used to say, make an offer they can’t refuse.

If you want to get the most out of an unfinished transaction,  create a direct and close message to promote your brand and, incidentally, include an interesting discount for a limited time .

One of the main advantages of this type of transactional email is that  the client receives a personalized treatment . On the other hand, adding a temporary offer  creates a sense of urgency to complete the order .

Order confirmation and cross-selling

Order confirmation emails are essential after a sale. They include a summary with all the data of the purchase, payment method, shipping, return conditions, etc.

Well, it is the ideal time to cross-sell. Cross-selling or cross-selling consists of  offering complementary products or services . Transactional email can include promotions related to what the customer just bought.

In this way, you invite the user to visit your website again. Besides being a good loyalty tactic, it is an opportunity to generate new sales .

Shipping status yupselling

Another common message after a sale is to notify that the order is on its way. Take advantage of this email to invite other actions through a call to action. This CTA can consist of remembering additional services but you can also take advantage of it to implement an upselling tactic.

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Upselling consists of  promoting articles or services of a range superior to the one acquired . For example, going from a junior plan to a senior plan on a subscription. Or, perhaps, offer you a priority boarding service after buying a plane ticket.

Crosselling and upselling  are two tactics that can be combined and used by numerous transactional emails. In addition,  your activated emails should never miss the integration with your social networks , an excellent way to increase your community of followers.

These are the  5 transactional email ideas that you can start right now . You can also use  other strategies such as asking for recommendations, user ratings and opinions through satisfaction surveys .

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