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Six keys to boost your email marketing strategy

Although you might think otherwise, the email marketing (or emailing) strategy is more alive than ever, and continues to work optimally, if done properly. According to a study by Mailify, the email marketing catches the attention of the reader when the content is relevant , and even more than the 50% of recipients choose to read the newsletters sent, for more than 10 seconds.

This means that, in order to implement this trend and establish direct and personal contact with the recipient, it is not only vital to share relevant content for the user, but also to have the ability to attract attention with a few words . It is even important to bear in mind that most people check their emails through their mobile devices , which forces companies to think of a strategy according to this scenario.

Six keys to successful emailing

If you have been interested in implementing a successful emailing strategy, here are six guidelines you can follow to put this trend to good use, which continues to be strong over the years.

1. Update the databases periodically:

Although it sounds obvious, it is real and many organizations forget it. If an emailing strategy is to be carried out, it is essential to have the database updated so that the information reaches real users and we can have a greater chance of success . Remember that it is better to have your own database , to deliver messages according to the interests and characteristics of the recipient.


2. Send creative newsletters (emails):

There is nothing more boring and disappointing than receiving an ordinary newsletter, with flat and uninteresting information. The contents that are sent via email should be of value and have differentiating elements that make them unique , to arouse the interest of the user and that it takes more time to consult the information.

3. Use short texts:

Sure, the appearance of the emails is important, but if we send something visually appealing and full of text, people are only going to look at it for a few seconds and leave it in oblivion. Therefore, it is important to handle short texts and paragraphs , and include links (although with caution) for people who want to know more about a certain subject.

4. The subject of the email is the most important factor:

The subject line of the email is the first thing users will read, so if it doesn’t catch their attention, it won’t open the message for any reason and will most likely send it to the trash can in record time. As you can see, creativity can be one of the most important elements to implement good emailing strategies.

5. Test before shipment:

It is clear that nobody would like to develop a good emailing strategy so that it ends up in the spam folder of users. Therefore, it is important that before sending to the company’s database, some preliminary tests are carried out to correct errors of this type.

6. Measure the impact of the strategy:

If this activity can be done in real time, it is much better, because in this way we can know if our emailing strategy is adequate, or if we have to analyze it better to change any of its elements.

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