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Social networks have become part of our day to day , as well as optimal digital marketing tools . Therefore, being present in them in an appropriate way, will result in a brand or business being able to achieve broad visibility. Instagram , has made a place within the most used social networks . Therefore, betting on advertising on Instagram will be a success!

Before we get into how to create advertising on Instagram, we remind you to take a look at  how to launch promotional campaigns on Facebook ,  Twitter ,  LinkedIn , Pinterest , YouTube  or  Google Adwords , you can do it whenever you want! It may also be in your interest to know the most followed Instagram profiles .

Advertising in this medium is relatively recent, since this functionality was not enabled on the social network until 2015. Since then, Instagram has not stopped growing statistically speaking, since it currently has more than  15 million company profiles  worldwide, of which more than  2 million advertisers use the social network to reach their objectives. In addition, Instagram itself  provides training courses for all those users who want to start with a business account.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the social network has 800 million monthly active profiles, of which more than 500 million do so daily … and 80% follow a company at least to keep up to date with its news. Interesting, right?


If you still have doubts about why you should start advertising through Instagram , below we detail some of its multiple advantages

  • High audience.  In 2017 it reached  600 million active users
  • Digital showcase.  60% of Instagram users discover new products daily
  • Brand creation. 75% of people who use Instagram interact with a user or brand after a post. Its great usability facilitates the visibility of products, in addition to customer loyalty
  • Various formats . Instagram has several types of ads to carry out advertising actions on Instagram :
    • Video ads. They offer a high visual experience, with the added value of sound and movement. The maximum duration of 60 seconds, and its horizontal and square format
    • Ads with photo.  It offers the possibility of being able to tell a story through a clear, simple and elegant space. The format of the photos can be square or horizontal
    • Ads with sequence. The sequences are made up of a set of images, which will be viewed when users slide their finger on the screen
    • Stories ads  . Complete the content of the Instagram news section. As a fact to consider: 1 out of 3 most viewed stories belong to companies
  • Detailed segmentation . Any brand can collect accurate information from users through the Facebook advertising platform, which will facilitate an ideal segmentation
  • Geo-tagging.  Instagram allows the insertion of labels by location, a more than useful tool when promoting a local business
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Because Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, in order to advertise you need to link an Instagram account to a Facebook company page . To do this, you need to enter the Facebook page you want to link, go to ” settings “, select ” Instagram Ads ” in the left panel , and then click ” Add a Account “, at which point there will be to add the data of the Instagram account (username and password). And ready!


After linking both accounts, we recommend that we have access to Instagram Ads through the ” Power Editor ” or ” Ads Manager “. Accessing the ” ad placement ” will show Instagram marked as a novelty.


Within ” Power Editor “, the launch of the ads inserted through Instagram will take place. To do this, digest ” Create campaign “, and then enter a name , which can be modified later if desired. The subsequent decision will be to choose the appropriate ” objective ” for a specific advertisement. Among the objectives that Instagram allows, are:

  • Get web traffic . Its objective is to generate visits to a web page. The advertisement created for this purpose will have a button that will automatically redirect to the selected web page
  • Application downloads . Aimed at those advertisers who have an app for mobile devices in relation to their product or service
  • Increase interaction . Intended to expand the visibility of the posts published in an organic way, achieving greater reach and participation with users through publications
  • Video views. Intended to increase the number of views of a specific video
  • Conversions . They want the user to carry out a certain action: purchase, subscription, downloads …
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After choosing a goal, you must click the ” Create ” button


Once the campaign was registered, it was time to create the set of ads that make it up. Select ” Create an ad set “, where you can use an existing campaign, or conversely, create a new one. In the latter case, it will be necessary to click on ” Create ” and choose a name for the set of ads. Once created, through the action ” Edit “, it will be possible to define details such as the  budget , the  target , the  duration , and the  location  of the ad, where Instagram must be selected.


After making the above settings, it’s time to insert an ad. To do this, select ” Create an ad “, and choose a  name  for it. The final step will be to configure the following:

  • Select the   linked Facebook page and  Instagram account
  • Indicate the  destination url where we want to direct the traffic of the inserted advertisement
  • Write the  content of the ad . Power Editor allows a maximum of 300 characters, but if you want to obtain optimal results, we recommend you not exceed  150

Select image . Don’t forget that Instagram is a very visual social network, focused above all on images.


It should be noted that, in order to track the conversion, it will be necessary to generate a  Facebook pixel  (conversion tracking tag), which can be created using ” Power Editor ” or ” Ads Manager “. First of all, it will be necessary to define the type of conversion that users exposed to the advertisement will be able to perform, such as: subscription to the Newsletter , download of reports, purchase of product or service … and in relation to the action, create the pixel for later access the html code (code snippet to be included on the website).

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Every time a user ‘lands’ on a web page and performs the action expected by the advertiser, a temporary cookie will automatically be generated and registered as a conversion.


To finish, we provide some useful tricks that must be taken into account when promoting yourself through Instagram.

  • Use of trend hashtag and also specific in relation to the campaign
  • Avoid too long texts: you will lose the essence of the message
  • Inserting emoticons in the description … attracting attention is essential!
  • Use close language
  • Indicate in the text the action to be achieved. For example: download  this new app!
  • Always show the destination website at the end of the advertisement
  • Encourage user participation through questions
  • Employ striking, high-quality images

We hope that our Instagram Ads tutorial will help you launch into testing this new advertising system. If you need additional information to carry out campaigns through social networks , contact us ! From The Social Media Family , digital marketing agency in Madrid, we will be happy to offer advice on any topic related to online marketing : content marketing , branding , web analytics , online reputation , influencer marketing … these are just some of the many services that we can put at your disposal.

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