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How to do a good follow-up to the client? 5 key factors to take your next logical steps

Customer follow-up is a requirement for the retention of income in companies, since it is one of the pillars of the post-sales stages in Inbound Marketing.

For a company to be successful and profitable, it must work, mainly, to maintain its customer base.

So in this post we will talk about how to follow up on the customer and how to build, administer and manage a good relationship that helps build loyalty with your brand so that they always want to return.

How to accurately track the customer?

We all agree that building good relationships is essential to attract and keep customers.

In such a competitive market, companies cannot settle for just generating profits from the sales of a good product, but it is also necessary to do good customer relationship management.

This can only be achieved with exemplary work, being attentive, always trying to exceed their expectations and demonstrating how valuable they are.

To carry out a good relationship, it is advisable to follow some processes. Let’s see what some of them are.

1. Pay special attention to the service you provide

One of the key factors to achieve good communication with your customers is to focus your attention on the quality of the service you offer.

Make sure that your sales force maintains adequate communication on all platforms where your product has a presence.

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Responding to emails in time and interacting with them appropriately will create a valuable link.

Being available whenever they require it, is a strategic and beneficial point for the results of your company.

2. Monitor what your customers say about you

Looking for comments and measuring customer reactions is an opportunity you have to find out about the things they like or don’t like about your business or product and it is a very valuable tool to collect information that will help you improve your offer.

This type of feedback can be obtained through the comment sections on social networks, reinforcing the use of the suggestion box, applying a satisfaction survey , or simply having a conversation in which you can directly inquire in greater detail what they think about your performance.

And since you are attentive to the reactions your customers have, take the opportunity to interact, communicating in a consistent and effective way.

Some practices you can do to improve communication are:

  • schedule phone calls,
  • make regular visits,
  • share news of interest through newsletters and social networks.

3. Use customer relationship management methods

As your business grows, so will your list of clients and, therefore, you will need to apply measurement tools that allow you to better manage the relationship with each one of them in order to retain them .

An effective method that you can apply is the customer relationship management system, known by its acronym in English as CRM System .

Through this method of customer monitoring it is possible to collect and manage information interact with potential customers , and even with competitors.

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Using this marketing tool will allow you to:

  • measure the impact of the marketing strategies applied by the company;
  • identify and attract new clients;
  • segment your client portfolio in order to generate specific strategies for each of them;
  • study the effect that the type of offers or promotions you apply to your products has on customers.

The most interesting thing is that remote workforce software works in the cloud, with which it is possible to access your history at any time and from any place and make use of CRM.

4. Share tips or strategies with your clients

Client follow-up can also be accomplished effectively if you are able to share certain tips or experiences with them on how to do things.

For your client, surely, it will be very positive that you want to share a suggestion on how to do some things.

And if you take the opportunity to give a real testimony of how to follow that advice that helped your company achieve excellent results, then you will have a reliable reference.

Let’s say that from time to time you can do small consultancies to share useful tips or resources for your clients to achieve success in their endeavors. It is or will also increase your purchase cycle .

5. Use marketing strategies

Having a good relationship with clients is essential to achieve professional success.

It is a path that is not achieved from one day to the next, but it is necessary to work it little by little, from trust, respect and good care.

We have already seen this throughout this entry, but it is important to reinforce the message: a good relationship with customers is essential for the success of your company.

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It is not just about generating income, but when a customer is not satisfied, it can negatively influence your growth.

In the digital age you cannot stop using marketing techniques that help you get to know your client better so that you can better persuade and achieve that loyalty that you are looking for so much.

How can we apply marketing strategies in a positive way?

  • asking correct questions;
  • generating meaningful messages;
  • communicating constantly;
  • demonstrating leadership and experience.

And when these techniques are applied we obtain greater visibility, better recognition within the competitive market and, therefore, improve relationships.

And this also translates into the successful closing of new deals and businesses, in addition to achieving goals.


When you have a solid portfolio of clients, who are satisfied with your work and with the results they have obtained, you are promoting being recommended through word of mouth, which in the end is the best tool to make yourself known and position yourself.

Now that you know how to manage and accompany the customer’s journey, you could complement this reading with this publication of our blog in which we tell you all you need to know to be a good seller .


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