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How to implement inbound strategies in your company’s digital plan?

In general terms, inbound marketing was born from the need for companies to make their potential customers find them on the internet so that they can learn about the products and services they offer. By implementing this trend, organizations are offering value to their potential customers in a non-intrusive way, which makes them decide to approach the given company.

The benefits of inbound marketing

Among the main benefits obtained by brands that bet on this type of marketing strategy are the following :

  • Improve brand recognition: If a user reaches us indirectly through the content we share, our brand is already gaining significant recognition.
  •  Attract quality leads: When we combine good content with different marketing techniques, we will attract higher quality leads to our company’s website.
  • Automation of the strategy: If you realize it, one of the great benefits really is the ability to attract customers and educate them with automated messages and interactions.
  • Customer loyalty:  If a customer receives what he is looking for, even indirectly, he will be a person who will remain loyal to the brand, of course, depending on the level of content and benefits that we are offering.

Content is the best ally of inbound

As we have mentioned, content is one of the best allies of inbound marketing, because this technique is focused on the creation and distribution of quality content, in order to attract new customers. Of course, for this to work, the first thing organizations must do is align their content with the interests of their audience.

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“Studies show that the return on investment (ROI) in inbound can be up to 60% higher than outbound (…) Companies adopt it because it is the recipe to increase the conversion of leads, win more customers, close more contracts and increase ROI ”, says Marco Cassiano, CEO of 7Co Social, a Brazilian inbound marketing company.

For the strategy to work, the creation of a content calendar is recommended , in which the dissemination plan that each of the pieces of the strategy will have on social networks and blogs appears.

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