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6 Common Mistakes with Instagram Marketing and How to Avoid Them

With only 1 billion users, Instagram has become the perfect medium for advertising. By uploading a picture and collaborating with people, you can reach millions of people with your product.

Of course, if it was that easy, everyone would do it. Not everyone is successful at using it to market themselves or their products, and that’s because there are some key mistakes with Instagram advertising that way too many people make.

Here they are, and how to avoid them.

   1.Not Engaging

You can plan an Instagram advertising strategy that seems flawless and still fail if you aren’t engaging with people. Reply to the people that comment on your posts, and follow back people who seem like a good fit with your brand.

Make sure you’re actively communicating with others!


If you spam people with too many posts or direct messages trying to sell your product or brand, you’ll run into some trouble.

People don’t like to feel harassed. While you should reach out to people and have regular Instagram posts, be careful that it’s not too much. And always know the right Instagram posting times as this will be the key to targeting the perfect audience for your posts that can lead to new followers or customers for your business account.

Only direct message people if you’re quite sure they’ll be interested.

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   3.Being Obviously Fake

Some people buy Instagram likes and followers for a boost in credibility. While this is a good idea in itself, you should make sure you’re buying real Instagram likes rather than thousands of spambots that will make your account look fake.

If you use this as part of your social media advertising, you need to pick a good company to help you with it.

   4.Collaborating With the Wrong People

Often, advertising brands online will collaborate with people to promote their products in exchange for a discount or free items. If you do this, collaborate with the right people.

Do your research and make sure they’re credible and unproblematic. Otherwise, you could be doing your brand some damage.

   5.Not Asking For Feedback

If people do engage with your posts and buy your product or services, make sure you ask for feedback! You need to know what’s working and what isn’t, and only your consumers and audience can tell you for sure.

You can post Instagram stories and ask questions or run polls for quick answers.

   6.Expecting Too Much

Above all else, you should keep your goals realistic. No brand is going to grow an audience of hundreds of thousands of followers overnight, and you’ll only be disappointed if this is what you expect to happen. 

Be consistent, work hard, and follow these tips and you’ll see steady progress. Be kind to yourself in the process. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Instagram Advertising

If you make these mistakes with Instagram advertising, you’ll be disappointed at the slow progress of your brand — if there’s any at all! Make sure you don’t expect too much, keep your brand credible, and don’t spam people.

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That way, you’ll notice a huge uptick in engagement and people interested in your services or products.

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