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How to optimize the online sales process to attract more customers?

Online sales is a trend that has been progressively upward in recent years in Spain and Europe. This trend has increased exponentially as a consequence of the global Covid-19 pandemic; Consumption through the Internet is a reality that is increasingly present in the daily life and lifestyle of citizens. According to the Annual Study on E-commerce of the IAB, throughout 2020, 72% of Internet users opted for this channel when carrying out their purchases.

Consequently, we ask ourselves: How do users consume online? How can we attract them to our online store or e-commerce? How can we take advantage of the existence of platforms like Amazon and not let ourselves be swallowed up by the competition?


In this free guide we have tried to solve the most common unknowns to know how to act from the customer’s first contact with your brand until the moment they make the purchase or contact you.

To develop this guide, we have partnered with Hivency, the platform that helps brands identify influencers and ambassadors and generate quality consumer reviews.

First contact with the brand

More and more consumers are using social media as channels to discover and reach new brands. This makes having a good social presence essential for brands.

In addition, having the help of “influencers” who fit in with your brand and who understand perfectly how networks and their users work will allow you to better reach your target audience.

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Inbound marketing as a process to attract customers

The Inbound Marketing (or Attraction Marketing) is a non – intrusive method of online marketing that uses various techniques to make the user find the company or brand.

This way of marketing is based on customer attraction, conversion and loyalty strategies to achieve its goal: accompany users throughout the purchase process.

In this guide we help you plan the different strategy options to carry out in your project.

Referral Marketing and Reviews

Another aspect to take into account when launching online sales campaigns is recommendation marketing, since consulting reviews and opinions of previous consumers has become an essential stage in any buying process.

In this guide we give you tips to keep in mind to ensure a competitive advantage when it comes to reviews.

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