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How to profit from content marketing in B2B

One of the frequent doubts that is generated in the field of digital marketing, is knowing how to develop a content strategy if the company belongs to the B2B segment. According to HubSpot, when creating B2B content marketing strategies , cultivating the thought leadership of the company is imperative .

Based on the above, here are some tips that B2B companies can follow to establish an effective content marketing strategy .

Use video content

72% of companies that used videos in their content strategy, increased their conversions to more than 80% and 76% of them believe that video offers a good return on investment , according to the study Video Marketing Statistics, made by the Wyzowl portal.

In addition, 64% of companies consider that the use of video is directly related to the increase in sales and that in the field of social networks, infographics are shared three times more than any other type of content.

Publish newsletters

Although it may seem that by publishing newsletters, the company runs the risk of deviating from the main objective, using them in a different way can bring good results.

To achieve this, some tips are: use creative and ingenious subject lines, display the content of the newsletter in a dynamic way, or use different images than those used in the sector in which the company operates, without forgetting to include relevant information that recipients are interested in reading.

Select the most relevant news in the sector

In B2B, there is little time to do research, read about the industry, or get the latest news. Every time, the communication market is more fragmented and it becomes more difficult to select the news that is most relevant to the sector.

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Based on this, it is important to collect the main news about the sector on a weekly basis and put together a special bulletin. Thus, potential prospects would be saved time and they would see the company as a company that is always informed and at the forefront.

Relevant content within the corporate website

This type of content strategy offers very high success rates, but for this, the first step is to know in detail the ‘buyer person’, or ideal potential client, so it is essential to know their needs, problems and interests. Once this has been obtained, it is required to dedicate a space on the website to publish relevant content and directed to that specific audience.

Finally, and according to HubSpot, despite the fact that B2B marketers have fewer promotional channels, compared to those that focus on B2C marketing , they should look for more targeted and relevant alternatives so that their content promotion efforts have success.

In addition, B2B publishers should focus on translating their content into blogs, informational documents, success stories, product guides, infographics, among other materials.

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