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The Content Marketing  begins with good foot 2020 and the same as other areas of the Digital Marketing brings with it new trends that allow you to reach your audience more effectively. Technology and different digital tools have allowed us to trace a before and after in the way of generating content . Now it is possible through “ Big Data ” tools and Artificial Intelligence to get to know our users and offer them the information they need through a means that truly engages them.

For all specialists in Digital Marketing there is no doubt the effectiveness of the Marketing Content s . However, knowing the type, channel, and medium through which we can reach our audience can be difficult. For this reason we have compiled some of the trends in Content Marketing with which we receive in 2020 so that you can get the most out of the new year.


According to the portal Convince and Convert , 85% of consumers prefer content generated by users ( UGC for its acronym in English ” Users Generated Content “) on branded content . This is mainly because the UGC is more authentic and transparent and based on the recommendation of a taxpayer who is not paid for advertising. In fact, this is the concept behind the UGC , where it is really the fans who are responsible for organic the brand without receiving a direct benefit from it. Among the most frequent forms of UGC we have: user reviews, consumer anecdotes , case studies and many more forms. A fairly famous example of UGC can be seen in the Coca Cola campaign titled ” Share a Coca Cola “, where consumers struggled to find a can with their name to publish it on their social networks, making the campaign viral for free.

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The statistics are pretty clear and Video Content will continue to be the favorite for at least another 5-10 years. Even, according to the Cisco portal, 80% of web traffic will be made up of this type of content in 2021. This represents the attraction of 1.9 billion users. In fact, according to Core DNA , modern consumers expect to receive more video content from their favorite brands in the future , especially live content . Furthermore, this type of content has proven to be an important ally in ecommerce., since many of the buyers affirm that watching descriptive videos about a product has helped them make the decision to buy it. So if you need a powerful tool to aid with your video editing and rendering needs, then try Forgehub.

One of the formats that has gained the most fame is vertical short video , which has been promoted by many social media platforms such as Snapchat and Tik-Tok . This format has shown a higher engagement rate by communicating ideas in a much more dynamic way than texts or static images, especially among Z generations and millennials . In fact, many social networks have incorporated it into their platforms, including Facebook Live and Instagram Live , which have recently included the “live” video format.


More than a trend, this is an indispensable rule that becomes more relevant in a context where there are greater possibilities of generating content . Within Content Marketing we must devise a strategy in which the content that is published is consistent but above all is of quality since otherwise there is a risk of saturating the audience and causing them to lose interest. According to Forbes magazine , in this age of transparency, users demand authenticity and only through quality can we achieve a long-term connection with them.

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Despite not being a new concept, the consumption of podcasts on the web has been on the rise in the last decade. According to the Statista portal , the number of listeners to podcasts has tripled in the last 10 years. Registering in 2019 an increase of 24% compared to the year 2018 according to reports from the Ofcom portal in the United Kingdom. This increase was also confirmed by the music streaming giant Spotify, who registered a 50% increase in the consumption of this format just beginning in 2019.

The podcasts have certain advantages over radio programs is that we have unlimited access to them whenever they want. In addition, they represent an excellent opportunity for Social Media Marketing since through the voice of the announcers the brands can make a true connection with their users.


With the great advances that “ Big data ” and Artificial Intelligence have brought, we can now get the most out of the data generated by our users and use it to generate content that is really useful and hooks them. It is no longer enough to publish content randomly, but rather through personalizing the content , the probability of finding the right channel and medium to disseminate the information and make it effective is increased. According to MarTechAdvisor the analysis of the data added to the technology and the “ Storytelling ” format”They are a powerful tool for brand diffusion, taking them to a new level of relevance, personalization and creativity.


Taking into account the growing offer of smart voice devices and their incorporation into daily life, the generation of content adapted to them is a good opportunity for Digital Marketing . However, voice search has its peculiarities, so it is important to use the appropriate Voice Search Engine Optimization ( VSEO ) strategies to achieve the information that users are requesting. Finally, the analysis of the searches carried out, their structure and semantics are very useful not only to increase the visibility of the information, but also to shed light on the type of content that we can generate in the future.

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The augmented reality ( AR for their stands for Augmented Reality ) and virtual reality ( VR for their stands for Virtual Reality ) have become a very useful tool in the Content Marketing , especially for the “format Storytelling ” . Using AR and VR it is possible to literally introduce the user to the experience of the content that is being generated, be it video, sound or even images, connecting it through several senses at the same time.

Snapchat and later Instagram and Tik-Tok introduced augmented reality filters on their social networks with which they can edit videos and images and generate more creative content. Even brands can design their own filters allowing them to promote their products. For example, Taco Bell launched a personal filter on Snapchat that was used around 224 million times, making it the best advertising campaign ever made on the platform.


Posting random content is definitely not the same as generating quality content . The central key in Digital Marketing is to do intelligent Content Marketing based on evidence and always focused on hooking the user with the information we offer. The trends in Content Marketing for 2020 are proof that currently technology and different digital tools are aligned to meet the needs of contemporary society. So using them to generate useful content is the only viable strategy to do good Digital Marketing .

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