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What is Digital Marketing and what are its advantages?

Currently, the main marketing and advertising strategies revolve around the web, since that is where most people spend their time, on social networks and others. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to learn to spread your brand online and so we will teach you what digital marketing is and what its advantages are .

what is the digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be defined simply as a set of marketing techniques that are executed in the middle of the internet instead of the classic media.

Basically, digital marketing is a way to take advantage of all the tools that the internet can offer to boost your business. This includes advertising on social media, mobile apps, blogs and web pages, search engine priority, and so on.

The arrival of web 2.0

Currently, the online ecosystem is often referred to as web 2.0. This is because in the beginning, what was called web 1.0, used to be a one-way ecosystem. This means that there was a well-defined sender and receiver of information and there was practically no interaction between the two.

However, currently, all sectors of the network are bi-directional. Everyone can be both emitters and receivers in whatever environment they are in and it is possible to have a direct interaction.

The change in digital marketing

Thanks to the evolution of the 2.0 network, the internet has become a free ecosystem for all, full of opportunities, a multifunctional tool. Therefore, it is natural for marketing to move or expand to the media and internet channels.

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One of the main changes that digital marketing has in relation to conventional marketing is its scope. Rather than just billboards or TV commercials, digital marketing can be applied to applications, web pages, video services and more and is consumed by most people through their mobile.

Additionally, digital marketing allows personalization, which gives the possibility of adjusting offers depending on the preferences and needs of customers.

Channels for digital marketing

As previously referenced, digital marketing has a great reach thanks to the different channels you can use and these include:

  • Websites or blogs – Whether with own or affiliate sites, tools such as inbound marketing are used.
  • Social Media Marketing – Expand your brand and offer your products and services through social networks.
  • Email Marketing One of the best ways to get sales thanks to strategies like lead generation.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Increase your positioning in web search engines and boost your priority over other results.
  • Video streaming platforms – Broadcast advertising on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Advantages of digital marketing

Extending the scope of your marketing to the digital medium is not only necessary, but it is extremely favorable, because:

  • Its scope is completely universal.
  • It can be segmented and attack different media.
  • It is easy to measure in real time.
  • It can be interactive to better attract the attention of potential customers.
  • It is cheaper than most classic media.

Now you know exactly what digital marketing is and what its benefits are , you just need to start putting it into practice for your business. Getting started can be a bit complex if you don’t have the knowledge, but practice and advice will help your business soar.

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