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If you are looking for information about the tool that allows you to reset WordPress , you have come to the right place. A few years ago WordPress was primarily a tool for creating blogs . However, nowadays it is possible to develop any type of website with WordPress . This breakthrough of great importance in the digital age has been achieved thanks to the changes in the central code, as well as the huge ecosystem of plugins and WordPress themes .


WordPress is not only a content management system for a large number of business sites and blogs, but it is also the most popular way to create an e-commerce store, as we saw in our post on Woocommerce and Prestashop . WordPress makes it easy for you to manage the following businesses:

  • ECommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Corporate websites
  • Portfolios
  • Marketplace
  • Content exchange platforms
  • The forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites
  • Any other business idea


Many times, especially at the beginning of a project, you may find it difficult to establish business objectives or even the absence of a well-defined action plan . Therefore, after trying different strategies that do not lead to the desired results, you will need to start from scratch or press a reset button .

To help you return to the starting point or Resetar WordPress has created one of the most powerful supplements on the market today, the plugin reset WordPress WP Reset . It does not matter if you are starting to use WordPress or, on the contrary, you have already positioned yourself among the most prominent developers , this plugin is very easy to use and is becoming a necessity for any project. Basically, it is intended for all people who want to use WordPress , whether they are amateurs or professionals.


The mere name of the plugin already indicates its main purpose: WP Reset is a plugin that will quickly and efficiently reset the website’s database , returning it to its default installation settings . If you don’t have enough experience managing a website or using WordPress in general, let me explain some basic reasons for using it.

First of all, at some point you will want to rebuild or reuse your website. At first your project will seem modern and elegant, but things change very quickly. If you are struggling to reach your online audience , you may have noticed that attention today is short-lived and whimsical. Now you have it and not tomorrow. Therefore, once your idea is dated, you will want to change the purpose of your website . And that’s where the extraordinary plugin to reset WordPress WP Reset comes in.

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WP Reset will quickly and safely remove all customizations and content without modifying any files or losing valuable data. We assume, for example, that you have a dating website and market trends indicate that there are fewer and fewer people who want to have a partner. On the other hand, reading habits have dramatically improved with the appearance of new digital reading media. What would you do? Of course, you would be tempted to change the direction of your business to another direction, more current, more profitable. The WP Reset plugin is exactly what you need to perform this transformation.


WP Reset takes only a few seconds to reconfigure the development environment as desired. Of course, you can reset WordPress manually, but it will take a considerable amount of time and use of rather complex technology. Resetting WordPress without a plugin will require various tools, creation of an FTP username and password, software (eg FileZilla), database access (eg phpMyAdmin, cPanel).

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Also, there are several steps prior to resetting WordPress that you should follow if you want to save some of the content. At this point let me ask you why do you do it? When there’s a completely free and easy-to-use plugin that will do it for you in seconds. WP Reset also features post-reset configuration , meaning there is no need to manually configure options or reactivate themes and other add-ons. So, unlike resetting  WordPress manually , you don’t have to take any additional steps to make sure your files are safe.


Resetting WordPress with the plugin will not modify or delete any file, be it from the kernel, the theme, other plugins or loading. Many beginners experience the feeling of fear or unease when they restart their WordPress . For all those users who are not sure how WP Reset works, more detailed information is provided below.


  • all pages, posts, custom post types, comments, users, media posts;
  • all default tables in the WP database;
  • all custom database tables that share the same table prefix as the one described in wp-config.php and that use the default tables.


Also, it is important to mention that the reset will not remove or modify any of the following:

  • files (eg plugins , themes, uploads);
  • main information about the website (site title, WordPress address, site address, search engine visibility settings, site language);
  • users will be restored with the current username and password;
  • media files ̶ which can be very important to bloggers or if the website works as a social network ̶ will remain intact in the wp-uploads folder. However, they will no longer appear in the “Media” list on the administrator backend .
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Lastly, once the reset is done, the default WordPress theme will be activated . However, the creators of WP Reset are currently working on creating options to reactivate the previously active theme, making it something to look forward to in the near future.



The WP Reset plugin goes beyond a simple tool and has become a real necessity for many web administrators in WordPress , a very popular CMS for various reasons. It is easy to use , easy to navigate and quite fast , just like the WP Reset plugin. It is a perfect complement to any WordPress site, be it a corporate website, a portfolio, an online store, a forum or a social network.


This plugin is also a favorite tool of most of the developers who are working with WordPress right now. One of the features that make the plugin so essential for developers is the fact that WP Reset is designed to be fully compatible with WP-CLI . For those unfamiliar with technical jargon, WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. This means that you can use it to configure installations on various sites and update their WP plugins without going through the tedious process of using a web browser. In addition, you can complete the tasks in less time.

By default, the command is not activated, but if you’re in a hurry, you can ignore it with the Yes option to skip the confirmation. After the reset is complete, the first user with administrator privileges found in the database will be restored . However, you should be careful when using the WP Reset plugin with WP-CLI because, just like using the GUI, actions cannot be undone .


If as an expert developer you often use the tactic of trying various products and add-ons to find out which one works best or the one that best suits your project, then you have realized the benefits that WP Reset offers for you. Chances are , your development environment’s dashboard is cluttered with unnecessary themes and unnecessary plugins .

Therefore, you have two options to solve this problem . The first one, you can spend a large part of your valuable time deleting the excess content one by one, or you can choose the second option and delete it with the amazing WP Reset plugin instantly.



One of the very attractive features for all developers is that the plug-in allows you to restore the selected installation from one of the database snapshots . A database snapshot is a backup copy of all database tables , both custom and standard, saved in the database currently in use (as set by wp-config .php).

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It is important to mention that these snapshots are NOT backup tools in themselves. If you want to save all the real content like widgets, menus, layouts, timelines, you should find a more suitable tool for it. In the case of needing backup copies, it is better to use a tool designed for these purposes, which makes backups of active sites . Database snapshots can sometimes be used for backups, but they are primarily a tool designed to help developers operate their website more easily .

Through snapshots, you can find out the exact changes that a plugin made in the database. You will have information of a different nature: from the personalized tables that were created, deleted or modified to the changes made in the website configuration . Database snapshots will give you a meaningful view of your own development environment.

You can also use it to quickly and effortlessly restore development settings after testing database related changes. The restoration of a copy particular snapshot does not conflict with other snapshots, or any of the configurations WP reset.

Therefore, in case you are still baffled by all the tremendous benefits of restoring the selected snapshots , we will summarize the above. Database snapshots can be compared to currently used database tables, restored by simply overwriting current database tables, downloaded as compressed SQL dumps (in order to be used for backups) or removed. Last but not least, creating a snapshot in a WordPress installation takes only a second or two, which is really nothing compared to the benefits it offers.


Aside from everything said, WP Reset has several partial reset tools that include :

  • Remove transients: removes all transient related database entries, such as expired and unexpired transients, as well as expired orphan entries.
  • Delete uploads: Delete all files and folders in the / uploads / directory.
  • Remove plugins : removes all plugins except the WP reset plugin, which remains active.
  • Delete themes: delete all themes.
  • Empty or Delete Custom Tables – Empty or delete all custom database tables.
  • Delete the .htaccess file: Delete the .htaccess file, but if you need to use the .htaccess without FTP, you can use the free WP Htaccess Editor plugin.

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The mere fact that you are reading about this plugin and you have reached almost to the end of the article, means that you are about to create something. Whether it’s a fashion blog or an online baby stroller store, you’re about to do something and submit it to the Internet stratosphere for people to see. You want your creation to succeed , but you are human, so you will need help . You will need a little space to breathe. And that’s exactly what this plugin gives you.

WordPress was created to give you a platform where you can do something that may only be valuable to you to begin with. The WP Reset plugin was created to give you the breathing space you need to make your dream come true . It will allow you to realize your passion without thinking too much and overwhelm yourself with “what if”. So do yourself an important favor , install WP Reset today.

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