The importance of omnichannel in customer experience

In today’s context, we are faced with a consumer whose attributes are being shaped by the digital paradigm . Undoubtedly, the contemporary consumer expects immediacy, personalization and flexibility from any experience , which are precisely the benefits that the Internet has promised us and that we take for granted in everything.

We see it in the way we consume cinema, through video on demand platforms . We see it in the way we study, through online course platforms . We see it in the way we order coffee, through delivery applications . We see it in everything. The question is: how can we translate this new demand from the contemporary consumer into the customer service experience?

How can we translate this new demand from the contemporary consumer into the customer service experience?

The best way to offer an immediate, personalized and flexible service is through omnichannel . Being able to be present in the different channels that are part of the consumer’s day-to-day life and respond in an immediate and personalized way. In addition, it is important to do so with a vision of follow-up and a lasting relationship with our clients.

That is, unlike multi-channel strategies, which are nothing more than having different channels through which the relationship begins and ends in the same channel, the idea of ​​omnichannel is to unify all the channels  in which a single channel is present. brand or a business in such a way that the client does not appreciate differences between all of them.

What are the benefits of omnichannel?

  • It allows to offer personalized, intuitive and flexible experiences
  • Increase customer loyalty , leading to lasting relationships
  • It provides greater internal productivity : it helps everything to be properly organized and controlled . Otherwise, chaos and bad customer experience are more likely.
  • It puts the consumer at the center: instead of offering experiences conceived from the point of view of the company, we design them taking into account the lifestyle of our client
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