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Your company on the Internet, how to improve your online presence?

Regardless of whether you have an online business or not, a well-designed website is essential for the growth of your company, but also and given the large number of indexed pages on the web, it is important to also have a positioning strategy that consolidates your efforts in digital marketing. Here are some tips to improve your company’s presence on the internet:

Prioritize the user experience on your site

The concept of User Experience (UX) refers to the set of elements with which a user interacts when entering a website , something that goes from the graphical interface of the site and its design, to the source code that composes it, compatibility of the same and the loading times, to mention some relevant factors.

Currently there are companies that have specialists focused on this topic, however, it is not necessary to have someone in each organization. Improving the experience of a customer when browsing the site can be done with a basic survey, in which areas of opportunity and improvements to it can be identified.

Details such as having a well-calibrated internal search engine, an agile and functional graphical interface or a properly illustrated website with relevant information, will considerably improve the experience of any Internet user, allowing it to generate engagement with your brand and, consequently, promote it.

“If you have a business and you want to place it on the map, there is nothing better than Google to give it visibility, in addition to geolocating it, you can add hours, telephone, benefits, as well as any other information that you consider relevant for users,” says Carolina Fresneda, technology journalist and a member of

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Exploit the potential of social media

With so many social networks and millions of users in each of them, it is natural that these are an excellent platform to promote your business on the web. One proof of this is that currently a third of the world’s population uses Facebook.

On Facebook, having a company page helps natural positioning on the Internet. It is a good showcase in which to show the public what the company does and also a direct communication channel, according to Fresneda.

However, it is not enough to create an account on all possible social networks, since you have to carefully select which ones correspond to your target market as well as the audience to which the publications are directed. In this way, it will be relatively easy to increase your web presence and keep people on your site.

Implement an SEO and SEM positioning strategy

SEO positioning refers to individual actions to be carried out in each micro site of the organization. The home page is the section in which the content must be optimized so that it can be read by Google.

In an automated way, Google’s algorithms known as ‘spiders’ visit each site on the web, collecting information from them to position them among its users.

That is why you must have an SEO strategy especially aimed at your business , which must be complemented with an SEM strategy, which consists of buying keywords from Google to appear at the top of their lists.

Invest in your site host when necessary

Related to the first point and the previous point, Google prioritizes the loading times of a website to position it in its search engine. Consequently , if your website is not properly hosted, goes down, or has slow loading times, Google penalizes it and downgrades it on their lists . These errors are detrimental to the user experience and a reflection of poorly focused hosting.

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A good host service, primarily based on the cloud, is an excellent alternative for any business owner regardless of the size of their company. Thus, with scaled cloud host services , it is possible to consolidate your organization’s website at very low costs, without neglecting its proper functioning.


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