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Foursquare: the key to your LOCAL SEO strategy

One of the most common problems encountered by local entrepreneurs is finding the most effective way to quickly make themselves known and thus reach more customers. The Seo Local is an indispensable service.

And it is not worth having a good product and scandalous prices, but it is also necessary for people to know that you exist and to stand out in searches and use by the client on the mobile.

To respond to this problem in 2009, Foursquare was born from Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai. It is a service that works as a locator, but combining it with social networks. The idea is that users are marking those places where they have already been. With the advantage that you can get rewards for being the user who more places “discover”. But also, this service offers the possibility of making recommendations and suggestions in an intelligent way, so that users can interact and comment on a certain place.

You can also enjoy the Foursquare Ads service directly so that when a person searches for something related to your establishment, you will appear among them in the area. You just need to choose a photo for customers to see your business and pay a monthly fee. And it is that advertising through this application is very simple.

In this way, you will be much more visible even if your business is not on the main street of the city. With the advantage that you can know how many people who have seen the advertising have finally entered.

Think about all the advantages that this can have for your company. And it is that from now on, in addition to being better known, your establishment can earn many points if you offer the client a good value for money and users like it, because they will talk about you and this will make you have advertising for free.

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As you can see now all the users in your town who have this application will be able to find you easily, so you will attract a greater number of people to your business. In addition, the results are impressive , since a large part of the people who see the ad usually enter the establishment. Therefore, it is the best way to get more clients for your business.

You can also control everything over the Internet, from the people who end up being customers after seeing the ad to what you are paying at all times, because you will only pay based on the people who see your ad.

It should be noted that this curious application can be used mainly on smartphones in a large number of operating systems: iOS, Android, Java, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry and PS Vita. With which you will be reaching a very wide audience.

Forget about spending money on print advertising and public relations to attract customers. Thanks to Forsquare you can grow your business at the same time that you save a lot of money. What are you waiting for to place your ad and start receiving new customers? Surely you are so successful that you end up opening a branch.

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