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Use Facebook in favor of your SME

In Mexico there are more than 61 million active users according to 2016 figures and it has been the preferred social network through which businesses of all kinds have taken off, from the sale of dual-use items, to the sale and rental of apartments.

Having and managing a fanpage is a competitive advantage for your business, but from the moment of generating it to the daily management process you have to know who are the people who may like your business because it also requires the responsibility of taking care of the image of your brand, as well as customer service.

Therefore, you must be honest about the scope you expect and if you have the possibility of growing, for which you must take into account certain aspects, for example if you only distribute in a certain area, limit your advertising to that territory and surroundings, as well. how to offer information about what you do in an attractive way and that you can keep the attention of your customers captivated. This way you don’t look bad with your service either.

Another important point to consider is answering all the questions that people leave you about the products and services you offer through your fanpage. Also, be cautious when answering attacks by a “troll”, that is, a person who publishes provocative, controversial or inappropriate messages.

In terms of business, Jorge Ruiz, CEO of Facebook Mexico, explained one of the most important strategies for the social network in our country is video, especially because it generates a segmentation of consumption that is invaluable for advertisers.

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It also underlines that in any SME strategy or offer of products and services on Facebook, mobiles increasingly dominate. According to its most recent financial report, mobile ad revenue accounted for 80 percent of its revenue at the beginning of 2016, up from 69 percent a year ago. In Mexico, of the 61 million users that Facebook has in the country, 56 million are mobile and of these, 37 million enter daily. More than 90 percent of our users are connecting on mobile platforms.

The above are the reasons why SMEs and any company should be present on Facebook, now, what are customers looking for on your fanpage?

  • View published content.
  • Communicate opinions and feelings about your brand (positive or negative).
  • Learn more about topics related to your offer, for example, if you offer trips, give travel tips, information about places to vacation or know, how to make plans, what to take to the trip, photos and videos.
  • Express doubts and suggestions

Here are recommendations that can improve your presence on Facebook regarding customer service.

  1. Develop an app to offer more direct and specialized customer service, you can channel from your Facebook page but this will help free your wall from negative comments, questions and incidents. In the app you can provide the client with frequently asked questions with which they can solve simpler or recurring doubts.
  2. On Facebook you can post answers or information to customer questions as comments, this opens the opportunity for customers to help each other to solve some doubts or queries through comments, which is called Social Care or Social Care.
  3. Humanize your brand, not only put comments behind a logo, it is also worth signing comments as the administrator, that gives confidence that they are the people behind the process.
  4. Transparency of the brand and in communication with customers. Be clear about the offers and services, if you’re wrong, admit it. And do not delete the comments of your customers, it is best to resolve them. In addition, the fact of leaving the comments and their responses also helps you in positioning towards other customers, since they will know that your brand not only listens but also makes the effort to answer all the comments.
  5. Spend time on the offers and contests that you establish on Facebook, since the social network allows you to create several tabs in which you can share information about your brand: contests, link other social networks, apps designed to promote your business and an app with rules of participation in the fanpage. For customer service through the social network, write participation rules, so you can rely on them if you have to delete a comment or take action regarding any improper action within a group.
  6. In this same sense, you can prepare a manual of good practices, if you form a group for the best coexistence and respect for customers.
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