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5 SEO tricks

Here we describe 5 SEO tricks to improve your SEO and receive more visits.

Web Architecture

Google is becoming increasingly sophisticated in evaluating the quality of the site and the ranking of its pages. If you do not pay enough attention to internal linking, you will probably be wasting the positions for keywords that are so difficult to achieve, in addition to taking the user to a dead end instead of browsing your most important pages.

In order for the Web architecture to have a positive impact on our SEO, it would be convenient to first make a general study of keywords and then follow this scheme:

Topics may be our products and services. We will start with the most relevant (topics) and we will add their subtopics. All of this can be generated with static pages.

Next, we will choose the most relevant keywords as categories of our blog. Once we have them, we will create entries and link them to these categories. Categories should be dynamic pages that update every so often

Local SEO

All local SEO experts agree that Google Maps page management is one of the most important factors in your site’s performance in local searches.

But there is another important factor at stake: your type of business. The nature of your business determines how you should enter this data.

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The types of businesses that we can distinguish are:

  • Retail: a physical address where your customers come for your goods or services and where no other business is located.
  • Franchise: a physical address with a concession, where your clients can collect your goods or services and where other businesses can be located.
  • Without commercial premises: without physical address, you visit clients.
  • Mixed: with physical address so that you serve your clients, and visiting clients.

While more or less everyone is clear about it when it comes to retail business or business with no retail location, many franchises and mixed businesses make mistakes entering data.
We can apply in these cases 2 basic rules:

  1. For franchises, it is absolutely necessary to create the different company files and manage them centrally, while we get reviews locally.
  2. For businesses without premises, we can choose the option “Do not receive customers at the location.” We must bear in mind that we will receive fewer visits in the company file.

Once you have entered your business data correctly, it is time to clean up all the outdated information and format inconsistencies.


Meticulous keyword search is crucial in any SEO campaign, especially if you have a low SEO budget and cannot afford to waste time or money.

To make the most of your efforts, you should make sure that you have chosen the correct keywords, the ones that can give you better results (high search traffic and a high conversion rate). And, if possible, do it before fully immersing yourself in an SEO campaign.


How can you improve the conversion data?

You can get an idea of ​​the potential of your keywords with the monthly search results, but how to test the conversion potential?

The solution may be to create Adwords campaigns with little budget and see what behavior the users who search for those terms have. In this way you can see which keywords are the most profitable and develop specific SEO content for them.

There are also Adwords coupons ranging from € 50 to € 100, which is perfect for running a testing campaign in most niches. To get the coupons you must register a new account with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools and shortly you will receive the coupons in your email. Please note that these coupons normally apply to amounts already spent.


Most of the marketing budgets go to online content . But because the content is so important, why do we forget about it once we have published it?

When you turn your back on your content, it can be stolen, even worse, this stolen content can damage the ranking of your site, or even exceed the ranking of the original page.

In many cases Google is unable to discern between original and stolen content. And as soon as the copied content is indexed by the search engines, the rankings of the original page drop or continue to fluctuate constantly, changing positions with the copy.

How can we prevent this from affecting our content?

  1. Constantly follow the rankings of your site. Stay tuned for unusual downloads, it may be that someone is using the content on your page.
  2. When your rankings go down, look at who is going up and search their pages for pieces of your stolen content.
  3. Take the appropriate actions. You can contact the owner of the page in question and ask him to remove the stolen content or use Google’s content removal form .
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Keywords and your search are dead after the latest Hummingbird update! You may have heard this before. But let’s delve into what the Google Hummingbird update really meant.

Hummingbird was a semantic update. It allows search engines to focus more on meaning than on keyword. And, by grouping many keywords by their common meaning, Google was able to make its search mechanism not find keywords but common terms.

Randomly inserting keywords throughout your site won’t attract much traffic from now on.

Still, keyword searching is still extremely important to your SEO success. It can help you optimize your site at the semantic level, segmenting it into subareas that are relevant to the general theme of your site. This is important also after the content update known as Bert .

Remember that as we always advise it is important to keep in mind that you are writing for users and not for search engines. This means that if your content is interesting, it solves the doubts of your users or future clients and contributes new information, your SEO will surely improve.

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