Know the main marketing skills you should have

Do you want to work with Digital Marketing? In this post, we show the 23 most important marketing skills that the person who works in the field or intends to enter this career must have to become a successful professional.

Are you thinking of becoming a marketing professional but have no idea of ​​the profile and skills required to venture into the area? Actually, becoming an excellent marketer is a challenge that, in addition to requiring marketing skills, demands a lot of study and dedication in other fields, such as technology .

Indeed, the digital age and the constant changes in the profile and in consumer behavior promote the need to reinvent ourselves to face new market trends. And the marketer must be ready for this mission! 

In fact, a good marketing professional must have a deep understanding of the basics of the area, be updated regularly and know how to use the new technology tools applied to the field. However, this is just a general screenshot of his profile. Do you want to discover it in detail?

Then this post has been made for you! 

Here you will find a lot of information about the professional profile and the 7 essential marketing skills for the effective and competent development of a market specialist.

What is the profile of a marketing professional?

Indeed, marketing is one of the fields that has grown the most in recent years and, as we saw previously, this is directly related to the digital transformation process and to changes in the consumption mechanism that, step, they are more and more frequent and intense.

Therefore, the highlight of the role of the marketer is evident, which leads him to be an essential character in all companies, regardless of their field. But, ultimately, what is the ideal profile?

The new market situation, of extreme competition and dominated by a series of demands in terms of quality and efficiency , requires that marketing professionals, in addition to mastering concepts and techniques in the area, prioritize learning content from other fields such as communication , information technology and management.

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That is to say, given the current panorama, it is essential that the marketer is curious and seeks to continually update himself.

In this sense, it is worth noting that professionals attentive to new trends can face the emerging demands of the target audience with much more agility and assertiveness, therefore, they tend to anticipate competition and promote marketing actions first-hand.

In fact, the current profile of the marketing professional demands proactivity, availability and persistence to be able to attend to the commitments in the best possible way, without getting lost or feeling exhausted. 

That is, the marketer needs to know how to work under pressure and respond quickly to changes inherent in the internal environment and those that occur in the external environment.

Another very important point related to the profile is the ability to reinvent oneself , that is, the possibility of assuming new commitments, paths and challenges according to the needs of the moment, thus seeking to promote work that, effectively, contributes to results and generates a competitive advantage for the company. 

Likewise, the power to transform is related to a self-taught behavior , that is, that the professional seeks knowledge not only through formal, regular or open courses, but also through reading magazines, books, articles and other sources that provide data and updated information in accordance with the brand new market demands.

As you can see, the profile of the marketer is marked by the will to get things done and to face adversity , so they must be restless, innovative, curious and extremely proactive.

What are the main marketing skills

Now that you know the professional profile of a marketer, the time has come to fully enter into the skills necessary to enter and develop in the career. 

1. Leadership

The leadership , as well as being an innate trait, is one of the marketing skills that can be developed along the career path. 

When exercising it in the marketing environment, the specialist not only inspires the members of his team to work, thus influencing their motivation and productivity, but also enhances the probability of conversion thanks to the idealization of messages to the external public, more powerful and persuasive. 

2. Teamwork

When it comes to teamwork, marketers often manage projects and, for everything to go according to plan, it is essential to have the goodwill, commitment and collaboration of the members of the work group.

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And this is possible when the manager knows how to exchange ideas, communicate and develop activities aligned with other professionals!

In addition to being important for the performance of internal activities, it is essential to develop this competence to act in multidisciplinary projects, actions and tasks that cover other sectors of the company.

3. Use of social networks

It is a fact that social networks are becoming more and more present in people’s daily lives, by virtue of that, the marketer must learn to use them in favor of the objectives of the sector and the company, thus incorporating them into their communication plan . 

In this context, knowing how they work, being attentive to trends in networks, detecting which are the most interesting for the target audience and knowing how to develop campaigns and advertisements are essential points to attract and retain the audience.

Also, the marketer needs to constantly monitor audience activity and interactions with brand pages .

However, in addition to dedicating time to these tasks, it is extremely important to be attentive to the news of the networks because their rules change at least once a year. 

Therefore, knowing networks and knowing how to implement them in marketing strategies is characterized as an important differential before the competition, so mastering them has been positioned as a basic knowledge of everything and any marketing professional who wishes to stand out in its medium.

4. Analytical aptitude

Currently, one of the most important differentials of these specialists is knowing how to work with hypotheses and data that allow to verify the quality of the campaigns and identify what, in fact, is being done well and what is irrelevant or obsolete. 

For this reason, it is essential to develop the ability to use, analyze and take into account hard data, since they allow to adequately base decision-making and thus respond to the company’s marketing objectives.

In this sense, it is worth acquiring knowledge in Big Data , Business Intelligence and other innovative methodologies that contribute to a more analytical and objective vision about consumer behavior and satisfaction.

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In short, the analytical and numerical perspective is one of the extremely relevant marketing skills for the marketing professional, since it enables: 

  • plan more specific campaigns oriented towards the achievement of corporate objectives;
  • determine the appropriate performance indicators (KPIs) to verify if the objectives of each strategy are being met;
  • set new goals ;
  • incorporate complementary tools that facilitate and optimize the performance of professional activity.

5. Good communication

Most of the marketing activities are directly related to communication, so it is essential to prioritize the ability to communicate with the public of the company and with other professionals in the area to optimize the network of contacts (networking) and increase job opportunities .

Likewise, it is interesting to note that this ability is very valuable in the internal environment of the organization, both to communicate effectively with the work team and to exchange information and data with other sectors of the company.

6. Creativity

Different from what many believe, creativity is not only an innate ability and can, in this way, develop throughout life and professional activity. 

As far as the marketing professional is concerned, technical knowledge is indispensable for the fulfillment of the tasks of the sector, however, having an excellent creative capacity helps to launch fantastic and highly efficient campaigns in terms of results.

We can even say that creative potential is an advantage that can directly impact brand recognition , after all, practically almost all large companies have unforgettable advertising campaigns such as Coca-Cola and the bear. dressed up as Santa Claus to bring Christmas actions to life. 

For this reason, if you want to be a professional capable of creating unforgettable pieces, you need to exercise your creativity both to communicate better with the target audience, and to solve problems in a much more practical and effective way.

7. Writing texts

In marketing, this competition has a special connotation. This occurs because it is essential that publications , internal reports and written communications are written clearly and objectively, thus maximizing understanding of the message.

That is all for today!

In short, the profile of the marketing professional is marked by versatility and by orientation to address new challenges . However, to enter and develop in the area, the interested party needs to have a series of characteristics and marketing skills that, by the way, when you get here, you must have learned them in detail.

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