As part of maintaining our technology, we have to make sure we get into the habit of cleaning our computer equipment regularly. Today, we would like to share with you tips to carry out a good cleaning, both exterior and interior, of your computers.

We suggest you do this challenge once a month!

  • CHALLENGE: Clean our computer once a month

How to clean?


1. Turn off the computer and unplug it

2. Clean the exterior with a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, slightly dampened with water.

3. It is important to be careful when passing the ports, so that no water remains in them.


1. If you have a vacuum cleaner, a compressor or other compressed air tool, you can use them on the fans, trying that the dust that rises is absorbed and not dispersed by the rest of the equipment.

2. In a desktop computer you must unscrew the side cover of the tower to access the interior.

3. Thoroughly clean the fan blades, dust filters, and slots, and once you’re done, put it back in place.

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1. Wipe the screen with a dry cloth, then moisten it and gently wipe it again

2. Optical mice, which use light to detect surface area, do not require internal cleaning, but the exterior can get dirty and sticky over time.

3. Start by disconnecting the mouse from the computer and removing the batteries.

4. Use a clean cloth with a little alcohol to clean the outside; but be careful not to get liquid inside.


1. A compressed air tool can be used to clean these crumbs from the surface or, failing that, a small fan can work.

3. Then wipe a clean cloth moistened with alcohol and a cotton swab over the keys and in the space between them.

4. Do not soak the cloth or the cotton buds so that there are no puddles when finished.