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Why do kids want to be youtubers, tiktokers or succeed in Twich

Youtubers succeed among children and adolescents. Their way of telling video game themes gives them millions of followers and visits to their channel. How do they do that? Here are some keys to its success.

Now children and adolescents no longer want to be doctors, astronauts, teachers, etc., now their greatest concern is to become a successful youtuber, have thousands of followers on that platform and also tell you that they want to register in Andorra because in the Country of the Pyrenees, all these new kings of audiovisual content and live broadcasting have been installed. A new language and content takes over the network, many adults do not understand it, but our sons and daughters do. They are up to date.


1. They talk about personal experiences that emotionally link their audience.

2. They do so openly when addressing issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

3. They help to find the personality of the followers: they address complexity, uncertainty and diversity.

4. They offer themselves as an example to follow, a kind of telepreacher for Generation Z.

5. Positive evaluation of the family, including parents who see that these videos can help their children. First they think “how can they see these kinds of videos”, then they assume it and try to get the positive out of them.


6. Youtubers identify with young people, the audience recognizes itself in their speech.


With these tips that we detail we can help our young people to become a youtuber in conditions.

1. Choose a personal style, you have to select your own way of communicating with future followers.

2. Watch many videos on YouTube. Analyze trends and study the style of successful youtubers .

3. Periodicity. You have to feed the channel so that the YouTube algorithm takes us into account and positions us.

4. Prepare a content strategy that amuses, excites and is useful, ultimately that interests that audience.

5. Talk about what you like. You are going to dedicate many hours to make the videos, record, edit, prepare a script, etc. so talk about what you understand and like.

6. Seek advice. It is not just uploading a video to YouTube, there are several issues, legal, technical, marketing, etc., that can be escaped. You have to invest in advice.

7. Adapt the videos to YouTube. You have to know the codes that succeed on that channel. First of all, unravel the ins and outs of the YouTube tool.

8. Work on SEO. YouTube does not stop being a search engine, so everything that goes in the direction of a good positioning will become an audience for the channel.

9. Analyze the data. Spend time to see what works or not in the channel, type of content, positioning.

10. Do not think about immediate monetization. Get the other nine questions right, and then find out how to earn income.


The quarantine due to Covid 19 has boosted this network of videos of Chinese origin in a dizzying way, becoming a real alternative to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We are talking about around one billion users spread all over the world.

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But why is TikTok successful ? To begin with, it is a network that does not require registration (at least if you only want to watch videos and not star in it), even so if you want to register, doing it is very simple. Another reason is its simple design and maximum usability, very intuitive when viewing the videos, commenting on them, downloading them, sharing them in other applications or evaluating them.

One of the success factors of TikTok is its algorithm that leads to the For you section where the user always finds a video of interest. The range of content is wide and there are videos of all kinds.

Finally, making videos on this platform is very simple (a mobile phone, time and being clear what to tell) as well as making them viral.


Yes, brands have already realized the marketing possibilities of this social tool. Register an account for your company, design a good profile and create a good content strategy, use hashtags for it.

What’s more:

A: The bio link generates traffic to the company’s website.
B: In TikTok Ads , the conversion strategy is enhanced by advertising ad hoc.
C: The majority target is young people from 16 to 24 years old with a growing purchasing power.


Twitch is the largest livestream platform at present and is specialized in the transmission of video game games, although the Amazon platform is already used for the live broadcast of other events. An audience of close to twenty million daily visitors is estimated.

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The success is based on the direct and the interaction through the chat with the users. Don’t you clarify how it works? Don’t worry, your son or daughter will get you up to speed quickly.



elRubiusOMG: Almost 39 million subscribers. 826 videos uploaded. About 9 billion views. Theme of online games, hidden camera, trolling …

VEGETTA777: More than 31 million subscribers. 6,162 videos uploaded. Dedicated to video games.

AuronPlay: 25.5 million subscribers. 407 videos uploaded. Varied theme, video games.

TheWillyRex: 18 million subscribers. 5,979 videos uploaded. Video game. He has another channel dedicated only to shooting video games.

La Capital-Cocina Real: 6 million subscribers for a cooking channel by the Mexican Óscar Meza followed by many young people, precisely because they use a very youtuber language. 230 videos uploaded.


Las ratitas: More than 21 million subscribers and 180 videos uploaded. Very childish theme.

MikelTube: 6.5 million subscribers and 730 videos uploaded. Child and pre-adolescent theme.


Naim Darrechi: Almost 19 million followers. Songs and dances for this Mallorcan of Argentine origin.

Twin Melody: 15 million followers for these Basque twins. Musical theme.

Samuel López : 13.5 million followers. Viral dance specialist.

A new language and content takes over the network, many adults do not understand it, but our sons and daughters do.


The well-known AuronPlay and elRubius take the top two positions with more than six million hours of playback and peaks of 150,000 live viewers.

TheGregf: 4.4 million followers, more than 4 million hours of playback and 203,000 live viewers on average.

Ibai: With about 3 million followers, more than 4 million hours of playback and 88,000 live viewers on average. Video game.

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