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10 important elements to include on your home page

Do you want to attract potential customers and generate leads from your website? Thinking of redesigning your website? Get started now and do it from your home page.

Do you want to attract potential customers and generate leads from your website? Thinking of redesigning your website? Get started now and do it from your home page.

Never underestimate the importance of the home page. Keep in mind that it is the virtual door of your company and is generally responsible for a good part of the traffic of your website. That is why it must be designed and optimized correctly.

What objectives should a home page respond to? Unlike a landing page that is treated as a landing page around a particular action, the landing page has to be designed to serve different audiences . And it must be built for this purpose, that is, it must incorporate elements that help attract traffic, provide appropriate information about your products and invite action.

At digitechwebservises we take it very seriously. I show you detailing 10 important elements that we include in the home pages that we design and that you must also include on your website.

Anatomy of a home page


You have only 3 seconds to communicate to your visitors what your company offers. A crucial element is the headline or title . We always advise that it be clear and simple and contain few words.

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Writing a message that hits all the different visitors to your website is almost impossible. Rather, do it thinking of those customers or users who find value in your product or service, in satisfied customers.

The subtitle should complement the headline by offering a brief description of what your company does or offers. It must appeal to those needs that your product or service solves.

The title of  snovit , a company dedicated to automotive accessories, clearly and simply appeals to road safety and the pleasure of enjoying leisure for those who like to travel and move.

The message on the home page of Herrero Digital , a company dedicated to the complicated sector of Digital Law, is direct and easily understandable, appealing to the insecurity that companies suffer in reference to the new legal aspects that new technologies demand.


One of the goals of the homepage is to incentivize visitors to dig deeper into your website. It is important to include multiple calls to action on the first screenshot of the website.

We recommend that your call-to-action messages be short, easy to read, and very importantly visually relevant . Lean on a good image and use contrasting colors for your calls to action. Keep in mind that people are basically visual. Use an image or video that clearly indicates what you offer in your company and, if possible, images that capture emotion and provoke action. We defend  the use of large images  and we do so on the websites we develop. Without forgetting of course to optimize them by reducing weight, loading time and preserving high quality.

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The main page antalia kitchens, in addition to attracting the visitor interested in enjoying a designer kitchen, offers other calls to action . Encourage participation in a design contest aimed at another target audience, young creators and students from design schools.


We always recommend a clear and well structured navigation layout . To decrease bounce rates, your website must provide a clear navigation path from the home page.

In Meler the navigation menu is clearly visible at the top of the page and the links are organized in a clear hierarchical structure.


Not only is it important to describe what you do but also why your product is important. Make known what benefits your customer gets if they buy from you, that encourages them to want to know more about your product.

The Snovit company has developed an innovative product to expand the capacity of the car and tells us about it on its home page in short and easy-to-read messages, uses the language of its customer and presents it in an attractive and pleasant way to the eye.


Testimonials are a powerful indicator of trust . People believe the benefits of a product if we hear it from other people.

Herrero Digital  includes the best phrases of its clients on the main page. If you add name, photo and other information you will add more credibility. We also advise linking to other success stories if applicable.


To generate more attraction and more potential customers from your home page, you can offer a good range of content such as a guide, a white book or, as in the case of Findus, a good cookbook with kitchen ideas based on their products.

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Include calls directed to other potential customers on your home page . Offer conversion opportunities to other audiences on your home page, even if they are not the most interested in your main message or objective.

Antalia kitchens offers calls to action and navigation options to other visitors on its home page: those who want to use its tools to design their kitchen even though they have not opted for its products, those who want to see a real kitchen in its store more nearby and also addresses distributors in order to expand the network of stores.


In addition to the benefits, add information and understanding about the main features of your product.

At digitechwebservises.com we have a CTA on the front page that displays information about the features of our mobile application for organizing events . Keep in mind to keep your messages clear, short, and easy to read.


Many of your website visitors are not ready to buy your product yet. For those who are looking for more information about your product, you should offer them links with relevant information or documents to download. In addition to keeping them on your website for longer, you add credibility to your company and your product.

Hönnun offers the download of the updated catalog of kitchens and worktops, enhancing the knowledge of its product.


In addition to the testimonials of your customers, add the awards and recognition you have obtained to your home page . This makes a good first impression that adds credibility to your business.

Snovit highlights its extensive experience and track record in the automotive accessory industry and adds objective data on units sold, number of customers, and customer satisfaction.


  • Call-to-action buttons must be sized appropriately for finger click.
  • The weight of large images must be fairly optimized.
  • Also optimize titles and subtitles and the body of text to facilitate the reading of all these elements.

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