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E-commerce 4.0: the next electronic commerce

Marketing automation is the cornerstone of E-commerce 4.0. A new evolution in the user buying process, which has been changing from decade to decade and is going to change forever the way users buy online.

The evolution of the online purchasing process has varied over the decades, but with the new E-commerce 4.0 we can ensure that the online user purchasing process has changed forever.


We are going to recap the steps we have taken to reach this new E-commerce model. What have been the main characteristics of each one of them?

E-commerce 1.0

It all started with  the creation of electronic platforms  that allowed commercial transactions between the company and users. Amazon emerged within this generation.

E-commerce 2.0

In the second evolution of electronic commerce, the  consumer began to be the center  of any online store.

Definitions were introduced within the web to focus more on usability for the user, such as:

  1. Categories:
  2. Purchase records
  3. Delivery times
  4. Newsletter Sending

E-commerce 3.0

The great evolution so far emerged. The  mobile devices would become the king of the market . Websites are beginning to focus on the mobile device, prioritizing its usability. Social networks become another important informative tool and the number of stores that only sell online is increasing.

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E-commerce 4.0

The  automation of marketing  is the pillar base of this latest generation of E-commerce. We find a more advanced technology that allows us to identify in what phase of purchase the user is and send related information based on it. It also allows us to analyze abandoned carts to send newsletters or send sms.

We must bear in mind that we started with E-commerce 1.0 with a market with hardly any existence and with very low competition, and that the  average user that the years have passed has become a customer with greater knowledge , who searches and compares on the internet the product you are looking for and that the competition has become much greater. That is why this type of progress is becoming increasingly important.


1. Deal with the client

It is essential to have good treatment with your client. Solving your doubts and doing it quickly and efficiently  will give a good image of your company . Today there are hundreds of tools that offer the possibility of analyzing what users say on and off our website. Having controlled social listening of your brand is essential to solve all doubts or criticisms that may arise.

2. Customize your message

Personalized content is a must in today’s market. Each client has different needs and is in a different phase  of the conversion funnel ,  so personalizing the message will offer the client greater value, increasing the conversion rate and the  user experience of  your brand.

3. Offer a good experience

Usability is essential.  We have to have a 100% user-centered website, both on desktop and mobile. Get the message across clearly and create an easy sales flow.

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We cannot ask the user for a thousand steps or a thousand data before making a purchase. We must have the forms and the purchase process tested and validated so as not to lose users in this important step. The easier it is for the user, the more our conversion rate will increase.


The  automation of marketing  is a resource that will undoubtedly facilitate the execution of the tasks of an  e-commerce 4.0 , which means from the shipping of the e-mail marketing to managing your business processes. It will improve your lead nuturing, the customization of the messages sent to our contact list and you will be able to integrate with your CRM.

For this reason, it will be necessary to have the help of a multi-channel software that will provide a specialized service and will support the strategies to obtain and retain customers on the Internet. For this reason, it is essential to invest in an e-commerce platform that offers all these services and is reliable.

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