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Boosting an e-commerce site thanks to the blog

Your online sales site is stagnating a bit and you want to boost its traffic? There is a simple and effective way to boost an e-commerce site: add a blog to it. No, this tool is not just for fashion or beauty aficionados. Keeping a blog is very useful for developing e-commerce activity, whatever the sector. We explain why.

What is a Blog?

First of all, let’s go back to the definition of the blog. It is often considered to be a kind of diary published on the Internet. It allows everyone to share mood posts, points of view on current events, articles around a passion, photos or even videos.

But for a company wishing to make itself known or to present its offers, the blog is an easily accessible communication tool. Unlike a website, creating a blog does not require any technical skills. It is an excellent complement to a showcase site, for example. Another advantage: blog articles can be shared in one click on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.

How can a blog boost an e-commerce site?

The benefits of the blog for an e-commerce site are multiple. You should feel them within a few months, provided you post quality content regularly.

The blog improves the traffic of the e-commerce site

For a store to attract customers, if possible, it should be located on a busy street in the city. For an online store, it’s the same thing, the busy street being the first page of Google. If you want your e-commerce site to appear in the first results of the essential search engine, you must provide SEO-optimized editorial content. To know everything about SEO, do not hesitate to browse the Web blog. There you will find a large number of articles on the subject. To make it very short, SEO (search engine optimization), or natural referencing, improves the position of any type of site on search engines.

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To do this, your blog must:

  • respond to target queries based on your industry;
  • be well optimized, with relevant keywords;
  • be fed regularly (two to four items per month);
  • have a good internal mesh, that is to say contain links to other articles on your blog and to your online store;
  • get backlinks, these are links that refer to your site, published on other sites.

By meeting all these criteria, your blog will get better visibility. The latter allows you to develop the traffic of your e-commerce site, your conversion rate and therefore… your turnover.

The blog develops notoriety

The more interesting and well-written content by professional book writers, the more it is shared on other sites. The more they are shared, the more readers they have, etc. This creates backlinks, improves your natural referencing, but also your notoriety.

So, you always have to have new things to offer. This is why it is essential that your e-commerce site has dynamic pages. Thanks to the blog, you can regularly offer new content.

Articles published on your blog are also an opportunity to show that you are an expert in your field. You prove that your site is reliable and serious. You gain credibility and your customers trust you more. Whether or not you are a major brand, they no longer hesitate to order from you and recommend you to their acquaintances who are all potential customers.

The blog creates a link with customers

By sharing something other than your business interests, your customers discover your values, your background and can identify with them. You speak the same language; an emotional bond is created between your brand and your readers. It is this link that makes it possible to retain your customers. Use the storytelling technique to convey messages by telling stories. The blog post is great for getting off the beaten path a bit. Depending on your brand and the profile of your customers, you can add a touch of humor, for example. Do not hesitate to integrate visuals, photos or videos to make your articles livelier. Keep in mind, however, to stay true to your values. Readers don’t get it wrong, and that’s how you build a real sense of community.

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How to keep a blog when you have an e-commerce site?

As you will have understood, having a blog attached to your e-commerce site is an excellent way to improve your incoming traffic and your conversion rate … provided that it is well maintained.

In order to improve the natural referencing of your site and appear in the first results of Google, there are some rules to respect.

You have to:

  • determine your target queries;
  • write optimized, well-structured articles, containing relevant keywords and easy to read by Internet users;
  • work the internal mesh;
  • make backlinks;
  • Publish content regularly…

Maintaining a blog requires work and a good dose of investment. Does that scare you? Don’t panic, there is a solution. You can delegate this task to a person whose job it is: an SEO web editor.

Using a freelance web editor to boost your traffic will save you time and money. This will allow you to focus on your core business and increase your sales through your blog.

Are you convinced of the value of having a blog? To find your future web editor or build a team, see the Our Talents section of Web. The professionals listed were trained by Lucie Rondelet. They are able to offer you quality and optimized articles to generate traffic and boost your e-commerce site.

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