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Does my business need a mobile application?

If you have ever wondered if your business needs a mobile application, here you can find answers. Discover the benefits that a mobile application can bring you.

You may have asked yourself this question before. They have done it to me many times. I hope that presenting you here the advantages and considerations that must be taken into account can help you obtain a beneficial answer for your business.


Surely your company and the various value propositions of your business benefit from a website. These are the differences between a website and a mobile application:

  • A mobile application is developed specifically for mobile devices . The way in which information is presented and interacted with is friendlier and closer to users.
  • A mobile application integrates with the mobile device , being able to make use of all the available hardware and software: camera, microphone, accelerometer, notifications, location, bluetooth, NFC, etc.
  • This means that geolocation precision is greater than in a website and therefore services and content can be offered that adjust to the location of users that are not possible with a website.
  • A mobile application can be used without an internet connection , if it has been designed for it, while a website requires a permanent internet connection. If it is necessary to be able to work and generate information without an internet connection and later, when there is a connection, synchronize the information with a server, a mobile application is the ideal solution.
  • Access to a mobile application is immediate, a single click , it is not necessary to access a browser and indicate or select an internet address.
  • A mobile application is more agile if the information processing can be done locally instead of communicating with a remote website that is the one that processes the information.
  • Users, especially the youngest , use mobile applications more than a browser.
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We must not forget that the most important thing about a mobile application is not that it is spectacular, but that it is irreplaceable. When a client needs a solution they want it now, that is why clients appreciate being able to bring solutions to their needs at their fingertips, because we all carry a mobile phone and / or tablet with us, and mobile applications are capable of offering that.

In addition, in relation to your clients, you should bear in mind that:

  • A mobile application increases the adoption of your brand and brings you closer to customers (they carry you in your pocket!).
  • The usefulness of an App increases the loyalty of your customers .
  • The ease of sharing and communicating in the mobile world helps you attract new customers .
  • Do you have young clients? If the age of your clients reaches 25 years, keep in mind that their usual communication channels are mobile applications, they rarely use email and even less make phone calls.


These are some of the benefits that a mobile application can bring to your business:

  • A mobile application is the business card of your business and allows such a degree of personalization that it is an ideal vehicle to convey your brand image, your values ​​and the way you interact with your customers.
  • A mobile application can help you to differentiate yourself from your competition , providing added value that makes your business more attractive.
  • With a mobile application you can offer a simple and direct way to solve doubts and problems that may arise to your customers. It will also give you a way to get their opinion and feel. You will be building a reputation , because it is important that your clients have a direct channel to reach you and obtain solutions, instead of exposing their frustration on other websites and social networks.
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