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10 Tricks to improve the visibility of your FanPage

Often, or always, in digital marketing courses or social media workshops, client companies ask us : what does it depend on if your posts on FanPages reach more users or are more visible? Well, from EdgeRank. We bring you some tricks to improve the effectiveness and visibility of your Facebook Fanpage . Some of them are used for any other social network: Pinterest, twitter, Linkedin, etc. You must first of all know that the objective of applying these techniques ends in an improvement of the visibility algorithm of the social network in question. In this case the EdgeRank  of Facebook. If you want to know what EdgeRank is and what this post is made of@juanmerodio can help you.

  1. Publish RICH MEDIA content: video, images or links.  If you look, most of the “objects” you see on your wall (news, comments, videos, etc.) are of this type. Some photograph, contest, video, etc. It seems that an important weight is given to this type of content.
  2. Shorten your posts , 80 characters or less receive an increase in interactions (also called “Edges”), it is likely that like Twitter, they think that “the good, if it briefly twice good”
  3. Customize (bot) posts. It seems that the amount of content published does not influence, so if you have a FanPage of this type linked to your twitter, your blog, or an automatic bot that collects the news feed from a specific sector, you should intervene periodically.
  4. Do whatever it takes to get “interactions” or “edges” : Every action that a fan or friend of yours does in your content will significantly increase the “edgerank” by increasing their affinity with you. It is used for future publications. You can ask questions, you can invite participation, you can call to action at the end of each publication, you can be controversial, … everything should fit into the social media strategy that your consultant or social media agency has created for you.
  5. Respond to comments , even any kind of opinion, even if it is negative (as long as it is not a “Troll”, it can be used to gain visibility.
  6. Avoid using management and publishing applications . It seems that according to a study carried out by Applum, using an external application to publish content on Facebook reduces the probability of fan interactions by 80% on average. On the other hand, it is logical that what Facebook wants is for you to visit its platform. Traffic is your business.
  7. Do not post more than 2 times a day. It is not necessary to insist and “pack” the newsfeed of your Fans. You better schedule the posts. For a few months Facebook included this functionality. It is proven that visibility is reduced and therefore Edgerank is wasted. The philosophy is similar to the PageRank of Google, if you do not model it well by doing a linksculpting on the web, it will dilute you and you will lose general visibility.
  8. Post periodically. Everyday. Don’t forget to post. You will gain affinity and give continuity to your followers. If for days you do not appear in the “Wall of your fans” or “NewsFeed” they will not be able to interact with your content, therefore, they will lose affinity with you and will go down on EdgeRank.
  9. Study when is the best time of day to post.
  10. Before carrying out a product or service campaign, spend a week improving your affinity. You can’t post something really interesting if you’re going to remain invisible by not having a good EdgeRank. Dedicate yourself to “warm up with good practices” the channel, to get more interactions or “edges” and your campaign will have better results.
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