How to Hide and Password Protect Your Photos Online

It can be a real pain when you want to share your photos but you don’t want anyone to be able to see them. In this article we are going to talk about how to hide and password protect your photos on Google Photos. We will talk about setting up an account, hiding photos and doing storage manually. After reading this article, you should have a better idea of how to keep your photos private and safely on Google Photos.

Need to Sign up for an Account with Google Photos

To start, you will need to sign up for an account with Google Photos. You will have to provide some information such as your name, email address and your location. After you have signed up, you will be able to upload any images onto your chosen photo service. Once your account is set up and ready to upload, simply click the “Create” button and follow the onscreen prompts.

 Select the Type of Photo you Would like to Upload

One of the main things you have to do is to select the type of photo you would like to upload. The list that appears will include different types such as text, image or animated. Each service has different requirements, so make sure that you select the right one for your purposes. You will then be given the opportunity to choose the folder where your photos will be stored. If you want to have more than one folder, you will need to click on the plus sign icon.

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Next, you will have to click on the + sign again to add another folder. This time you want to put your photo into the new folder. To do this, you will need to click on the + sign again and enter your new folder name and your photo into the input box. Once you have done so, your photo will now appear in the folder you chose. Now, you can either upload or view your photo.

How to hide and password protect your photos online is pretty straight forward. What you have to remember though is that it won’t really be effective unless you have the correct password. There are many guides that teach people the best way to create a password. If you don’t know how to use one, you can also read about the techniques in books or on the Internet.

 Use a photo Collage

One of the methods that you can learn how to hide and password protect your photos online is to use a photo collage. You need to use several photos together in a single collage that is password protected. For example, you can take a picture of yourself with your arms crossed over your chest, then you can put together two separate photos. Then, you can use those two together and frame the collage like a puzzle. You can add captions underneath the photo and have them speak your secret phrase.

If you are into scrapbooking, this method will be easy for you. All you have to do is take some of your favorite pictures and save them to your computer. You can then open up the photo gallery software on your computer and choose a photo to hide in the collage. You simply have to write the secret phrase on the screen and click the image to hide.

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The last method how to hide and password protect your photos online is by using masks. For this, all you have to do is use some special software designed for this purpose. It has a photo mask element, and that is where you need to hide your photograph. Then, you just need to put the mask over the original photo. After that, you can put the mask over the original photo and the rest will be hidden. This is a very easy way to hide photos online, and if you try this, you will definitely discover that this is effective in securing your important data.

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