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How Do I Check Wi-Fi Speed on My iPhone?

How do I check the Wi-Fi speeds on my phone? It is a common question especially since many users are now using mobile phones as their primary and exclusive form of communication. With this in mind, you would find yourself asking “how do I check Wi-Fi speed on my phone?” Every time you are roaming around in the city or even at the workplace. If you are a mobile phone user, then you would have noticed that your internet connection can slow down especially when you are accessing several sites or when you are downloading large files.


Your internet connection is basically the backbone of your computer or cell phone service. Without this, your devices would not operate. Wi-Fi is the latest craze among Wi-Fi enabled devices today. With this, there are certain requirements that must be met for your device to function well. Below are some of the things that may affect the quality of your internet connection.


How do I check the Wi-Fi speeds on my phone? Speed is indeed a factor that you should consider when choosing a Wi-Fi service provider. Most companies today offer different plans and packages that may suit different needs. However, in order to get the best speed possible, it is important that you subscribe with the one that offers the most reliable service. Look for a provider that offers a guaranteed speed of at least 10 mbps   so you can always be connected even if there are multiple Wi-Fi channels in the area you are in.

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Other than this, if you are using your phone to do instant messaging, then you might need to check if IM has been disabled in your phone settings. Some IM clients these days come equipped with a feature that allows you to block certain IM services from being able to use them. If you don’t know how do I check wi-fi speed on my phone, simply look for this option and disable the IM service on your phone before you proceed to use the internet connection. You would be surprised how much it could help.


There are actually two components that are used for Wi-Fi connection and these are the access point and the Wi-Fi network itself. The Wi-Fi network works like a backbone where all the nodes are connected to one another through wireless devices. As a result, the speed of your internet connection depends on the number of nodes and their distances. The greater the number of nodes, the faster the speed of your Wi-Fi speed. Here is an example: if there are five nodes in a row, the speed of your internet connection goes up as five Wi-Fi connections.


It’s a bit difficult to grasp the exact nature of the bandwidth usage in your computer. Just know that the bandwidth determines how much data can be exchanged through the computer’s Ethernet port and how fast the data transfer rates. In general, you have a set bandwidth limit in your computer and it limits the amount of time that the data can be exchanged per second. The number of bits sent and received determines the speed with which your information can be transferred over the Internet. However, if your limit is hit, then the computer may become slower or malfunction.

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How do I check the Wi-Fi speeds on my iPhone? As I mentioned earlier, bandwidth determines the speed with which your information can be exchanged over the internet connection. For this reason, it is advisable not to exceed the bandwidth limit in your iPhone. To check, just open the Wi-Fi settings and click the ‘advanced’ tab. Here you will see all the possible networks that are available on your device and you can choose the one that offers you the best bandwidth limit.

What if I am traveling outside my coverage area? Checking the Wi-Fi signal strength often becomes necessary when you are outside the coverage area. How do I check the Wi-Fi speeds on my iPhone while traveling? If you are traveling outside your Wi-Fi coverage area, you can still check the signal strength. Simply open the Maps application and tap on the view-map icon.

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